When it’s autumn time, it can look really beautiful outside, especially with all of the colors of the leaves. However, because the leaves are starting to die off and are falling all over the floor outside it can create quite a few problems. For instance, they can actually become very slippery especially if it rains on top of them as well.

Leaf Vacuum Buyer’s Guide

There is a whole range of leaf vacuums in the list above, and it can be quite confusing over which one is best to suit your needs. This is because some of them come with different features compared to what some others may come with. Therefore we’ve put together some of the things that you need to look out for before you decide which one to purchase.

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Top Speed

You may have noticed that some of the leaf vacuums do tend to have a different top speed compared to some of the others. This will actually indicate how powerful the suction is on them, and one that does have a higher mph might end up saving you much more time because it will be a lot quicker to clear your yard of leaves.

3 in 1c

In the list above you would have noticed that a lot of them have more than one tool, for instance, they may have a blower and mulcher included too. These can be very useful, and you shouldn’t just skim past these specific leaf vacuums. The mulcher will enable the leaves to be shredded down to a smaller size so you can use the leaf vacuum for a longer period of time without it getting filled up. Not only this, but the electric blower is also another impressive feature, as it will save you buying a separate one and it will also save you space too.

Turbine Technology

A couple of the leaf vacuums in the list may actually have an additional turbine technology, this will mean that it actually has a power boost that will enable it to become a lot more powerful. Therefore if it does have quite a low top speed, this feature is guaranteed to give it a definite boost, and it will work just as well as a leaf vacuum that has a high top speed.

Disposable Bags

This is a very good feature to have on a leaf vacuum because it means that when you’re emptying it you won’t have to get messy at all and you won’t have to use your own hands in order to clean up the leftover leaves. All that you will need to do is simply chuck away the disposable bag and then re-apply a new one to the leaf vacuum and start the vacuuming as to where you left off.

If it doesn’t have a disposable bag, but it does have a bag, then this is just as good, but it may take you a little more time to do the job.

This is because you will have to empty the bag manually and then put the leftovers that were inside it into the bin. Once you have done this, you will then need to put the bag back onto the leaf vacuum and carry on where you left off so it may take up a bit more time.

How to use a Leaf Blower Vacuum?

Before you do anything, you will need to know if your leaf vacuum operates by a battery or whether it actually needs to be plugged into a power socket before you start using it. This is because some leaf vacuums won’t work for certain situations, for instance, if you need to use it on a piece of yard that is very far from a power socket then with a leaf vacuum that isn’t cordless it might not be able to reach.

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To use it you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Before you start your leaf vacuum, you will need to plan your job, for instance where you want the leaves to end up. This may involve attaching the disposable bag.
  2. You will then need to gear up with the correct equipment like goggles and ear defenders.
  3. Plug your leaf vacuum in or turn it on.
  4. Make sure that the leaf vacuum is facing downwards when you’re using it, and that it’s at a shallow angle.
  5. You will need to use a smooth motion that goes backward and forwards so it can suck up as many leaves as possible.
  6. It should then start to collect all of the leaves around you.
  7. You will need to empty the bag regularly because you don’t want it becoming too heavy. If you do this, then it might also reduce the suction level.
  8. Once you’ve emptied the bag, you can then repeat the actions or finish if the job is done.

How Does a Leaf Vacuum Work?

A leaf vacuum works very simply because it is able to suck up any leaves that are on the ground around you.

Once it has sucked up the leaves inside the vacuum it will then munch them up into very small pieces and deposit them in a bag that should be attached to the vacuum itself.

This creates a lot less mess compared to a blower.

Some leaf vacuums also have a leaf blower as well, and a leaf blower will simply blow the leaves in a different direction to clear a path for you, but they will not completely get rid of them as a leaf vacuum would.

How Does a Leaf Vacuum Work in a Pool Above Ground?

Using a leaf vacuum to get rid of any debris on a pool that is above the ground can be quite tricky. This is because there is also water involved and you don’t want your leaf vacuum to suck any of this up. Otherwise, it could cause your leaf vacuum to break, plus, it’s also dangerous if it comes into contact with water.

However, if you do want to use this method then it can actually be done, to do this you can either add on a pool blaster to the leaf vacuum, which will actually prevent any water from going into the leaf vacuum itself. Or another way that you can use it is by using the blower to remove any of the leaves from the pool. Once they are out of the pool, you can them suck them up using the vacuum.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of leaf vacuums all across the internet and in many DIY shops across the United States too, but it can be quite difficult deciding which one that you should purchase. A lot of them have a whole range of different features that you can choose from, for instance, some of them might have three different tools in one, like a blower and a mulcher as well.

This can be a great addition if you don’t want to purchase other tools and you want to save space. It’s always best to use a leaf vacuum on a small number of leaves, because if you use it on a big pile, it may cause it to clog up a little bit.

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