How many times have you bought a home product based on the recommendations of others, only for it to fail horribly once you try to use it? It wouldn’t be so bad if it were a novelty item, such as a cooling mattress that promised you a good night’s sleep. But what if it’s something related to your safety, such as a smart door lock?

We understand how difficult it is to find real reviews of actual products, and we want to change all that.

Here at Trusty Joe, our goal is to give you recommendations on the best home products that are backed by our experience. When we recommend a product, we do so because we’ve tried it and we believe in it. We wouldn’t vouch for an item that we wouldn’t use in our home.

Do you know why?

Because our Director, Joe Castro, is a man of integrity.

Joe established Trusty Joe with the vision of providing consumers with the most well-researched and thoughtful content that is readily available to help them with their purchasing decisions. As the website grew, it became even more evident that unbiased articles backed by real-world experience are a real hit.

So, he put together a team of experts to help him maintain the level of quality that Trusty Joe is known for. The first thing Joe asked us was, “Can I trust you?”

He explained his vision for Trusty Joe and why he wanted each of us to promise that we would do the same. So we gave him our word—and here at Trusty Joe, our word carries weight.

So when you purchase an item based on our recommendations, you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth. That product has been tested and pushed to its limits, so we know that it would be perfect for your home.

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And for everything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love hearing from our readers—and Joe frequently gives his personal touch to the queries we receive.

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Meet the Team

Director | Joe Castro

I grew up in a handy household with my father being a general contractor. Since I was a kid, I always remembered helping him in the garage and working on various projects.

I also loved taking things apart and seeing how they worked. A little later on, I was encouraged by a classmate to take a creative writing course, and that’s when my true passion emerged.

Now my father and I are working together on the family business, and Trusty Joe allows me to combine some of my favorite things. Working and playing with new tools and gadgets for around the house and writing.

It can get challenging at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I find the two jobs complement each other nicely, and I’m learning invaluable skills while forging stronger relationships.

My vision is to provide consumers with the most well researched and thoughtful content readily available to help with all the purchasing decisions. In a few simple clicks, you should have access to all the answers you need for all things related to your home.

While Trusty Joe started as a side project, thanks to my readers, its seen steady growth, it turns out that unbiased articles backed by real-world experience are a real hit.

Since the increase in demand, I’ve put together a team of experts to help turn my vision into reality. Each one of us brings a unique perspective and is in line with the company values.

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Architecture & Design | John Harris

John Harris is a Mechanical Engineer by profession, and he loves to check out new gadgets that are uniquely designed. The more outlandish the design, the more excited John is to test them.

He always focuses on the functionality of the product and how they perform despite the way they look. But that is his outlook in life—no matter what you look like on the outside, you have to be able to function as expected.

When not working or reviewing gadgets, John prefers a quiet night in with his family, though this means something different for him as well. His wife, Jane, and their two children, Adam and Seth, are all very competitive. A quiet night for this family means staying in to play board games (often Monopoly), and bonding over friendly teasing.

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Head of Research | Violet Salzer

Violet is responsible for getting us our new products.

A Market Research Specialist for over 20 years, Violet scrutinizes what is dubbed as the “best of the best.” Every device that passes through her hands is rigorously tested for quality and dependability.

Her instructions for the team is the same: we have to thoroughly understand the products or services before we share any opinions.

When she is not quizzing us about the latest gadgets or working on her very competitive job, Violet likes to decompress by camping, hiking or staying off-the-grid. We don’t worry about her because her trusted Chocolate Labrador, Bailee, is always with her.

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Content Editor | Gregory Covington

Gregory has been working in the digital marketing space for over ten years. Now a full-time editor with Trusty Joe, he loves to break down technical jargon and to make highly informative but easily understandable content for our readers.

He also enjoys lecturing us on the industry’s best practices, so our articles will continue to be credible. We often complain, but we respect his passion and authority.

When not marking up our articles, Greg does enjoy building robotic toys with his two young sons Matt and Neil. Sometimes Neil, his 8-year-old, is found disassembling the home gadgets too—indicating that curiosity and exploration run in the family. We’re pretty sure Neil will follow his father’s footsteps!

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Marketing Director | Jodi Rothman

Jodi is the one who keeps us walking on a straight line. She develops our marketing strategies and objectives, and she makes sure we adhere to each one of them. Once the plan is set in place, she then manages our creative processes from start to finish.

She has held the same position for a vibrant marketing firm for over two decades, so we don’t have much to say about her expertise. She’s good at what she does, and we are thankful that she works so hard to make Trusty Joe as successful as it can be.

What drew her to our plight is the fact that she is a frustrated homeowner who has bought too many products for her home that never seemed to work. When she found out about Trusty Joe, she told Joe that she wants to help him grow because she knows how important it is for people to have a reliable source of information.

The rest, as we say, is history.

When not working (and believe us, this woman works relentlessly!), Jodi likes to tinker with DIY projects with her husband, Mark. They also own a beagle and a corgi, so her house is a favorite unofficial meet-up point.

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