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Esright 360° Massage Recliner

Top Choice Esright 360 Massage Recliner

Review Second BestSecond Best Relaxzen 360 with Ottoman

Relaxzen 360° Massage Chair

How to pick the best and cheapest massage chair

If you really want to relax after a hard day at work or just ease away your aches and pains, a massage recliner is your ticket to a full body recharge!

The first time I experienced a massage recliner was two years ago when I took my kids shopping at the mall. It was around Christmas time and we were doing our annual gift-buying extravaganza.

As we approached the food court to get a bite to eat, I saw these cool looking massage chairs that were open to the public. One guy, in particular, caught my eye. He looked like he was in heaven sitting in that thing. His eyes were closed, jaw wide open and slightly snoring from the relaxation of that recliner.

The sign said it was only $5 for 30 minutes, so I had to give one a try!

And boy was I glad I did!

I had no idea what I was missing out on. I completely fell in love with how relaxed my entire body felt. The tightness in my back and legs that I’d been feeling from walking around the mall all day had instantly faded away. My feet sores were gone too and before I knew it the time was up and my kids were tugging at me to get back to the shopping.

I’ll never forget that experience. It was so great that I felt like I had just gotten a massage from a masseuse.

When I got home, I immediately started looking for the best cheap massage chair online so I could get one for my own home.

But I found out really quick that the high-end ones like those in the mall cost around $2,000 or more, and as a homeowner with bills to pay and kids to support, I didn’t have that kind of money to spend.

After doing some more digging, I discovered that some of the best massage recliners cost less than $300 (and don’t look like space-age contraptions)!

And at that price, I could get a full body massage in the comfort of my own home, anytime I wanted. I didn’t have to go to the mall or pay a masseuse to get to feel great from head to toe.

So, being the guy that I am, I started testing them out.

What I quickly realized was that cheapest massage chairs don’t have all of the gadgets and fancy settings like the expensive chairs do, but in the end, none of that really mattered.

When you have your own massage recliner at home, you can enjoy this luxurious treat whenever you want, however long you want, so it’s easy to get a full body massage without any worries. The high-end models like those at the mall are made for one thing – to get people in and out of the seat as fast as possible. That way more money can be made renting the time in the seat.

After I bought a cheap massage chair, my wife instantly fell in love with it. She couldn’t believe that we hadn’t bought one before now. In fact, my whole family now fights over whose turn it is to sit in it each night, and I’m half tempted to buy a second massage chair so I can put my name on it!

Our new cheap massage recliner has really helped to relieve all of those little aches and pains that seem to appear overnight and is the perfect thing to sink into after a hard day at work. My wife and I both feel more refreshed and tension-free because of it.

But how do you find a  massage chair that will give you a quality massage without blowing your budget?

That’s where I can help!

As your trusty companion, I’ve researched and compared more than 14 the best and cheapest massage chairs and know what makes a good investment versus a bad buy.  This handy buying guide below will help you find the best cheap massage recliner for your home that you’ll come to love just as much as I do!

But before we get to the reviews, let’s go over the top features to consider when buying your new massage recliner.

Trusty Joe with Checklist

Features to look for in the best massage recliners

Before I show you what the cheapest massage recliner is for the home, there are a few things you’ll want to consider in regards to form and function.

Paying attention to these features will help you find the perfect massage reclining chair for your needs.

remote control

Remote control

Believe me, once you get in your massage chair, you don’t want to get out. And to be honest, you really don’t want to move at all because it feels so good!

A remote control is a must-have feature for any cheap massage chair because it lets you quickly and easily adjust your massage chair’s movement or pressure from the click of a button. Remote controlled chairs also have a lot more options to choose from too.

This is a whole lot better than having to fiddle with buttons on the side of the chair to get it to work. Plus, lower-end massage recliners without a remote only have a few preset modes which are not the best choice for a long-term investment.



Nothing beats a relaxing massage with just the right temperature. Massages and heat go hand in hand.

Heated cushions can definitely take your massage to the next level and the best massage recliners include them. It helps the massaging vibrations seep into every part of your body, and works its way into even the tightest muscles to help them all relax.

During the cooler fall and winter months, a heated recliner is also an especially nice feature to have even when the massaging feature is turned off.

360 degree

360-degree swivel

When it comes to cheap massage recliners and chairs, you’ll find that most of them are stationary. However, there are a few hidden gems out there that offer a 360-degree swivel.

What this feature does is lets you spin the massage chair around in a full circle.

Not only does it make your recliner more fun to sit in, but it’s also a great option to have if you want to be able to see in a variety of directions. For example, you may want to relax while watching TV in the corner and then swing around to see out your back door to enjoy a nice view.

The top two best cheap massage chair recommendations I make below include this feature.

zero gravity

Zero gravity

If you’ve never sat in a zero gravity chair before, you have to try it! To be honest, it’s not for everybody but those who do like it claim to never want to go back to a standard recliner ever again.

We owe NASA for the zero gravity design. It was initially created for astronauts as a way to avoid intense stress during space shuttle take off. That clues you into how well it works!

A zero gravity chair reclines in a way that evenly distributes your weight across the entire surface. It also puts your feet above your heart which reduces swelling and minimizes stress on the heart. In this position, you almost feel like you’re floating on air. Hence the name “zero gravity.”

All of the normal positions for sitting are still available, from upright to full recline, and can be safely secured by a locking mechanism. With a zero gravity massage chair, you can easily find your desired position and let all of your tension melt away!



Home massage chairs come in two types, leather and upholstered. The choice really comes down to personal preference but here are a few things to keep in mind about each option.

Leather is a durable material that is very easy to clean, but it does tend to get very warm and not allow heat or moisture to escape. This is great for relaxing, but it may be uncomfortable in the warmer months or if you’re someone who is usually hot.

Upholstery is more prone to wear, and it’s more difficult to clean, but it lets moisture and heat escape for a cooler massage experience.

I’ve given the top recommendations for each type of material in my reviews below.

weight scale

Weight capacity

Just like any piece of furniture, massage chairs also have a maximum weight limit for the person sitting in it.

If this may be a concern for you or someone in your household, you’ll want to make sure that you get a recliner that can handle the proper weight.

Each of the massage chairs I recommend below has a weight capacity of 250 to 300 pounds. Hopefully, this should good enough for your needs.


The Top 5 Best Cheap Massage Chairs

During my quest to find the best and cheapest massage recliner, I uncovered a lot of good (and bad) products when putting together this list of reviews.

After comparing the best products⁠—and weeding out the junk⁠—I was able to narrow down the top five winners for you. Below, you’ll find that there’s a perfect chair for everyone here. From a thick plush leather recliner with 360° swivel, to a zero gravity chair that feels like you’re floating on air, and more.

I hope you find the best massage recliner and chair for your home among this list.

Enjoy the relaxation,
Trusty Joe

Best Massage Recliners and Chairs Reviews

Disclosure: The products recommended below are my personal favorites because they have the best combination of features to meet most people’s needs. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through these links as a way to support my work. I prefer to do that than fill this website with annoying advertisements. If you buy a qualifying product, you’re not charged anything more, but I’ll get a small commission to help pay for my expenses. I hope you like the top picks!

Review Top Choice

Esright 360° Massage Recliner

Review Best Cheap Massage Chair
This is one of the best massage recliners you can get and is the same one I have at home.

For a low-priced massager, it’s hard to beat.

What I love most about it, and you probably will too, is that it comes with all of the top rated features except one – zero gravity.

You can relax easily in the plush leather material, spin around 360 degrees, adjust the level of heat, and more through a handy remote control.

The 2 cup holders on the armrests are also a nice touch, as well as storage bags on the sides and front of the armrests for holding magazines, books and other items you like to have at arms reach.

With 5 control modes and 2 intensity levels, you’ll be happy to have this comfy recliner in your house. Give it a try!

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Review Second Best

Relaxzen 360° Massage Chair with Ottoman

Review Relaxzen 360 with Ottoman
If you’re looking for the best cheap massage chair that also includes an ottoman, you’ll be happy with this one in your living room.

The upholstery is made of microsuede which is very durable and stain resistant, and the wood base gives it a nice touch of class.

The feature you’ll probably enjoy most is the ability to choose independent massaging zones or 9 pre-programmed random modes. It also has 5 intensity levels for you to really fine-tune your massaging experience. Plus, it has heat control.

If you want the cheapest massage chair that will look good in any room and swivels, this one is hard to beat!

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Review Third Pick

Giantex Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Review Giantex Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Are you looking for a zero gravity recliner that also provides a deep massage?

Well, here it is!

There’s no other cheap massage chair on the market that delivers total body relaxation at this price point.

When you sit in it, you’ll feel weightless, just like you’re floating above the ground, while also being soothed by powerful massaging functions.

It has 2 intensity levels, 5 modes and 4 settings to target individual areas of the body.

When I tested this chair in my home, everyone in my house fought over it. Maybe it will be a big hit in your house too!

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Review Fourth Pick

Dorel Upholstered Massage Recliner

Review Dorel Upholstered Recliner
Perhaps you’re looking for a classic padded recliner that has a rocking motion and massaging capabilities.

If so, you won’t be disappointed here.

This top cheap massage chair is upholstered with easy-to-clean microfiber fabric, thick padding and a sturdy frame. It offers casual style in addition to therapeutic relief.

The only downside is that it only has 2 massaging zones which limit the ability to target key areas of the body. However, you do have the option of turning both zones on at the same time or using them independently.

This chair also lacks a heating function, if that matters to you. For me, it wasn’t a concern since it’s made out of a material that stays plenty warm all year round.

If you don’t need a lot of frills in a home massaging chair, this inexpensive choice may be exactly what you need.

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Review Fifth Pick

Merax Leather Massage Chair

Review Merax Leather Reclining Chair
My final recommendation for the best massage recliners for the lowest price is this product right here.

At first glance, you may think it’s the same as my top pick. They look almost identical. But there are a few minor differences worth pointing out.

This cheap massage chair doesn’t swivel or have handy armrest cup holders. It also lacks front pockets for storing things.

Aside from those factors, everything else is practically the same. With this top recliner, you get the luxury of a remote control, heated cushions and 5 massaging modes. It does have one extra intensity level but it’s not something worth getting excited about.

For a budget massage chair, this product is a solid investment and easy on your wallet.

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Cheapest Massage Chair Comparison Table

Here’s a table that lets you quickly compare the features between each of the massage recliners and chairs that I reviewed above.

Note: Mobile and tablet users must swipe to see the full contents of the table

ProductRemoteHeated360° SwivelZero GravityMaterialWeight Capacity

YesYesYesNoLeather250 lbs.

YesYesYesNoMicrosuede300 lbs.

YesNoNoYesLeather250 lbs.

YesNoNoNoMicrofiber225 lbs.

YesYesNoNoLeather330 lbs.

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