Every one of us deserves to get a restful night’s sleep without having to dish out large amounts of cash. After doing some research, I discovered there were affordable mattress toppers that could offer a comfortable night’s rest at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress.

Here are my top 5 picks along with a handy buyers guide to answer any more of your questions.

Top 5 Cheap Memory Foam Mattress Toppers


Linenspa 2-Inch

My top pick for the affordable and best mattress topper is the Linenspa 2-inch. I gave this to my godfather as a house warming gift, and I'm proud to say I pick well.

The Linenspa mattress top is designed to support your body's pressure points with gel beads and memory foam. It's available in different sizes and density to fit just about any bed you might have. The manufacturer also includes a 3 year warranty.

Many users report seeing an improvement in their sleep quality after using Linenspa, even with less than ideal mattresses.

Key Features:

  • 3 year warranty
  • Gel technology
  • 2 or 3 inch options available
  • 7 pounds (3.1 kg)

Lucid 3-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Next on the list is the Lucid Ventilated Mattress. It's 3 inches thick and has a cooling gel-infusion, contouring, and comfort.

This cheap mattress topper has contouring qualities and back support that allows you to get a good night's sleep.

It is infused with a gel that captures the body heat and to regulate the temperature while you're sleeping. At the same time, the soft three inches memory foam helps relieve pressure to the hips, knees, and shoulders.

Key Features:

  • Materials Made for Superior Airflow
  • Temperature Regulation with Solid Supportive Sleep Surface
  • 3 In. of Ventilated Cooling Gel-Infused Mattress Topper
  • Manufacturer Guarantee: 3 Years

Lucid 2-Inch Memory Foam Pad with 5 Zones

For many people, this 2-inch mattress topper is all they need to turn their uncomfortable mattress toppers into something to feel a night full of sweet dreams. This is a good alternative when you are unable to purchase the 3-inch brands.

What makes it so special are two features:

  • Five-zone topper increases comfort by reducing pressure and increasing support in the shoulders, hips, knees, and feet.
  • The lavender-infused topper to help induce a deep relaxation.

Customer ratings (mostly side sleepers) support the claim that this mattress topper is airy, soft, responsive, and breathable. I feel like this is a mattress topper option; I may comfortably sleep in at night.

Key Features:

  • Best Feature: 5-Zoned Comfort
  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam
  • Thick Layer with Conforming Support
  • Easy to Carry and made Convenient for Outdoor Trips

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Another commendable product is one of the best copper gel-infused mattress toppers in the market today.

If you want to sink into the best mattress topper that contours point and offer back support, then you’ve found it. At 2 inches thick, this pad is thick enough compared to other mattress toppers on this list.

This mattress topper is infused with cooling effect and ventilated for excellent airflow and breathability. It may evenly distribute heat, and this topper includes a unique copper gel infusion.

It’s CertiPUR-US Certified, and this best topper comes with a 5-year full-service guarantee. If you’re looking for one of the best and affordable memory foam tops, this is worth trying.

Key Features:

  • Manufacturer Guarantee: 5 years
  • 2-Inch Copper-Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • Supportive and Bouncy Surface
  • Toppers Available in Different Sizes: Full, Queen, King, Twin, Twin XL, and California King

Weekender 2-inch Traditional Memory Foam Mattress Topper

My final recommended for one of the best mattress topper memory pads is this product right here.

This is a great alternative for a cheap mattress topper. It delivers the essential elements you need to get an uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

You will appreciate the results if you are looking to upgrade an existing bed with this 2-inch foam topper.

One thing to keep in mind is it’s a traditional topper. It has no fancy cooling gel infusion, back support, and it may tend to be hot on the inside. It means it does not distribute the body heat evenly. However, it is ventilated with holes to cool it down.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive mattress topper sleep buddy that does the trick, well, this is a great option.

Key Features:

  • Open-Cell Memory Foam
  • Conforming Softness and no Immovable Sink
  • Helps Regulate Temperature while Sleeping
  • Thick Layer for Extra Comfort

Features to Look for in a Mattress Topper

If you feel that buying a new mattress for your bed isn’t the right alternative now, you might need a cheap foam mattress topper. Before you get a mattress topper, you need to understand a few points to consider in regards to style and materials.

It is best to pay much attention to these nifty features. These tips will help you find the quality mattress topper for your individual needs. Don’t just find soft mattresses for your bed, look for mattresses with good features too.



Mattress toppers come in a variety of thicknesses and range in size from 2 to 4 inches. Other types of mattress toppers are pillow top, latex mattress topper, fiber, feather, cotton fabric, wool mattress, and more. The most commonly used products are wool, cotton, feather, and natural fiber.

Size is a personal preference, but the thicker the topper, the more cushioning and back support you’ll also get while you rest. Some people would like to try toppers with a 2-inch foam for support, while others find it effective to sink into a deep 4-inch topper.

Obviously, the thicker the mattress topper is, the more it will also cost. This is something that you need to understand when you’re looking to buying a new mattress topper.


ventilated strip

If you keep on waking up in the middle of the night because it’s too hot, then listen up. Memory foam is a unique alternative your should try because it has a very dense material. This means that it doesn’t breathe very well and retains a little more heat than regular mattress toppers.

If you like to sleep in a warm bed and not wake up in the middle of the night, you shouldn’t have any problems if you get standard mattress pads.

On the other hand, if you like your bed to be on the cooler side, you’ll also want a good quality topper that’s ventilated.
A good topper does not only provide back support, but also ventilation.

A ventilated mattress topper has a series of little holes that are evenly spaced throughout the material. This design may also help with breathability on a great topper, and this will make the heat escape while you’re catching some shut-eye.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

comes with gel that is best for comfort and different uses

Another way to transfer heat away while sleeping on a mattress topper is through a feature called “gel infusion.”

As the name suggests, a gel-infused mattress topper has microbeads mixed into it. This gel may also help at regulating sleep temperature than ventilation holes. It also increases the thickness of mattress topper.

If you like a firm mattress topper that will contour better and is also fresher to sleep on, you’ll likely prefer this version over a ventilated product.

Unfortunately, some toppers made from feathers and natural fiber does not have gel-infused materials. You may be happy to know that some good toppers do offer you the best of both worlds. Some are made both with gel infusion and ventilated holes.

But expect that it will cost a little more. Two of my top picks above provide this luxury. Fun fact, a memory foam pillow is available too.


Heat body zone

Before you purchase a new memory foam, you must know well how the zones work. Mattress zones are a relative innovation that you’ll find on cheaper 2 to 3-inch pads. This feature will provide a level of comfort and support on pressure points, but will still be affordable.

The hips are the heaviest part of the body and require much firmer material support. The feet, on the other hand, are lightweight and don’t need as much cushioning.

With a regular soft memory foam or those made from feathers, this will make the density even throughout the entire mattress. This will make each part of your body sink into the material at uneven rates. It’s not made for back support, but that’s not necessarily bad, and many people prefer these options.

On a zoned mattress pad, there are different levels of firmness and materials throughout the surface. This promotes pressure relief at key points and will help every part of your body sink into the pad more evenly.

A zoned topper is very helpful for people who toss and turn at night. It takes little and uneven pressure in a standard mattress pad and levels it out for you so that you will feel comfortable.

CertiPUR-US Certified

CertiPur-US® Certification Badge for the best and reliable memory foam mattress toppers

Memory foam toppers are much better than cheap natural latex topper because it uses chemicals in the material to give it a higher density and viscosity. When combined with body temperature, those chemicals cause the toppers to be soft and mold to your body, which might help you sleep well.

With that in mind, you need to know that when you open up your new memory foam mattress topper for the first time, you’ll likely notice a smell.

This is from the chemicals that are used in the formation of the mattress topper. These chemicals must go through an “off-gassing” process where they evaporate out of the material.

For that reason, you want to make sure that your options have the CertiPUR-US Certification. This seal indicates that the product is well tested, certified, made from safe materials, and is free from harmful chemicals. [1]

When you’re buying a cheap memory foam mattress topper, you must know how safe it is, not only soft, not only something you can sleep in. The CertiPUR-US Certification gives you that peace of mind. Even toppers that use a feather material must go through this process.


Best warranty

When it comes to choosing a memory foam mattress topper, the key is to look for a product that lasts at least a few years. Don't just look for soft mattresses. That is not enough to give you a good night's rest.

A mattress topper with a manufacturer's guarantee is a great indication that it will hold up to restless sleep and bouts of tossing and turning. It won't wear out too quickly in the spots you sleep on.

Always check the guarantee of the manufacturer before you buy anything. Even products made from feathers usually have a manufacturer guarantee.

I made sure to state the warranty period on my item reviews. The best mattress topper you’ll find on this page cover a 3-year manufacturer guarantee (or more), so you’ll have peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Mattress Topper Worth It?

There are several factors why buying a mattress topper for your bed is worth it or not. Those who have been using wool, latex, feather or a firm mattress who haven’t tried a mattress topper must read up.

  • For persons who experience aches and pains upon waking up, a mattress topper might provide extra comfort during sleep.[2]
  • This can be beneficial for persons who sweat a lot even when the air-conditioning is on.
  • Third, if you have guests who sleep over often or camp outdoors, having an extra mattress topper is a ready-made bed, plus it’s comfortable to sleep in.

If these three factors, sounds like an issue for your comfort, then maybe a mattress topper is worth the investment.

How Long Does Memory Foam Topper Last?

A memory foam topper lasts an average lifespan of three to five years. This is in the case of high-quality but inexpensive mattress toppers, including those made of gel-infused memory foam. If a topper is made from cheaper materials like latex cover, it only tends to last one to three years.

Should You Rotate Mattress Toppers?

Yes, mattress toppers should be rotated from time to time. Take note that the right way is to rotate, not flip. This will still depend on the foam’s manufacturer, as there are dual-l ayer mattresses.

It is suggested to rotate your memory foam every three months. This helps in prolonging the lifespan and even wear and tear of the mattress.

How Do You Clean a Mattress Topper?

A topper made of memory foam is usually made from delicate materials, so it is not allowed to soak them wet. Some of these products are not machine washable (see manufacturer’s instruction). Other toppers have a bamboo fabric that has different cleaning instructions.

It is suggested to use a gentle laundry detergent or hand washing liquid. You can make the cleaning liquid at home. Mix one part detergent and two parts of slightly hot water in a spray bottle.

Spray well the entire surface of the cover, without soaking the whole topper. You can dry up the memory foam mattress pad using a hair blower or expose it under the hot sun. The same process is suggested for toppers made from natural fiber and feathers.

Is a 2-inch mattress topper enough?

Yes, a 2-inch mattress topper is firm enough to provide comfort and ventilation. The comfort level is not the same as the thicker ones, but it is enough to help you sleep well.

And My Pick for the Best Mattress Topper Is…

Based on the many positive customer reviews and my godfather's opinion, the Linenspa Foam Topper is my top recommendation.

It's the preferred cheap mattress topper because of its gel memory foam and lightweight design. My godfather said it felt cooler, comfortable, conforms to curves, lessens back pain, and distributes weight evenly. He also said it's comfortable, and he doesn't toss and turn around at night anymore.

Also, there is a 3-year product guarantee from the manufacturer, so that's one less thing to worry about. I hope you enjoyed this list.

Linenspa 2-Inch

Our #1 Recommendation

  • 3 year warranty
  • Gel technology
  • 2 or 3 inch options available
  • 7 pounds (3.1 kg)
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