There are hundreds of bathroom dehumidifiers claiming to be the best. We researched the most well-reviewed results and then put them to the test. Below are the best bathroom dehumidifier models that came out on top. We looked at the coverage area, tank capacity, and the rate at which each unit could dehumidify a bathroom.

10 Best Dehumidifiers for the Bathroom in 2020


Eva-Dry 1100

Eva-Dry is one of the more affordable bathroom dehumidifiers we reviewed. It's quiet compared to many other bathroom dehumidifier units.

Eva-Dry measures just 50 dB while the average best dehumidifier for bathroom use comes in at 53.2 dB.

We like that 1100 is low on power consumption. The power draw for this product is 22 watts. That means you can use it longer with less on the electric bill.

Eva-Dry also has a plugin and uses set up. There is one easy to operate on and off button, so you don't need to program settings each time you use it.


  • Removes musty smells and unpleasant odor
  • 16-ounce water reservoir
  • Full water tank LED indicator light
  • Auto shutoff features when full


  • No drain tube

Frigidaire 30 Pint for Bathrooms

If you've got a problem with high humidity and need a tank with sufficient water capacity, this is a suitable choice.

The total water capacity for the Frigidaire 30 is 7.6 pints or 0.95 gallons. It has continuous drainage features, so if used near a draining source, it can handle up to 30 pints, or 3.75 gallons, of moisture per day.

You can run this throughout the day without excessive energy consumption.

Of all the best dehumidifiers we reviewed, this is the only one with an Energy Star certification, making it one of the most energy-efficient devices you can find. It also has digital display features to make it easier to control.


  • Full water tank alert system with auto-shutoff
  • Continuous operation with self-draining
  • Energy Star Certified dehumidifier
  • Removes bathroom mold and mildew
  • Affordable


  • Less affordable than other best dehumidifier models

Homelabs 16oz

The Homelabs 16oz is a small dehumidifier unit built for light jobs. It can pull up to 9 ounces of moisture per day.

You have to empty the tank of this model every few days as it lacks self-draining. This is one of the most affordable units that we reviewed. It is also our budget pick for the best bathroom dehumidifier considering its nifty features.

It has an auto-shutoff function with an LED indicator when the tank is full.

Many of the best bathroom dehumidifier reviews noted this as an essential feature. You can use this model in bathrooms up to 150 square feet (sq ft) in size.


  • Auto-shutoff features to avoid spillage
  • Compact size and fits rooms with tight spaces
  • 2-year home appliances warranty
  • Affordable and powerful small dehumidifier


  • Not suitable with dry air and high moisture levels

Ivation 13 Pint

The Ivation 13 pint dehumidifier works well in small to medium-sized bathrooms.

The tank capacity on this unit is ½ gallon with continuous draining can extract moisture up to 13-pints for a 24hr time.

With a total recommended usage space for rooms of 270 sq feet, this model may be an excellent choice if the humidity level in your bathroom is regularly too high.

We liked the LCD interface on this model, which made the initial set up easier. Some of the dehumidifier for bathroom reviews state that there is a range of features, including adjustable humidity controls for midsized rooms, vent or fan settings for dry air, and sleep timer control.


  • Multiple drain options
  • Temperature: 33°F to 104°F
  • Washable filter
  • Programmable memory settings
  • Adjustable humidity technology controls


  • Drain hose can be challenging to connect

ProBreeze 1200

There is no compressor in the ProBreeze 1200 Mini Dehumidifier, which provides the operation quietly compared to other best small dehumidifiers for the bathroom we tested.

This is a suitable option in master bathrooms that need continuous use as the 16-ounce water tank capacity ensures it will take a few days to fill up.

The ProBreeze 1200 model will pull out up to 9 ounces of moisture from the air, making it suitable for lighter jobs.

According to the manufacturer, you will find that this unit works best for 150 square foot type of rooms or smaller.

This model has an auto shut-off time function, so you don't have to worry about the tank of this type is spilling over. It has a great auto shut-off function, so you don't have to worry about the tank spilling over.


  • 2.4lbs total weight makes moving easier
  • 12-month warranty
  • LED indicator light when full
  • Easy to discard contents in the water tank


  • Hard to clean water tank and has not a lot of moving parts

Keystone 30 Pint

The Keystone 30 pint unit is perfect with large bathrooms up to 1500 square feet. It has a continuous drain option allowing you to keep it running all day. We don't like that the hose isn't included.

Reviews say that one helpful is the auto-restart memory function. The unit is perfect for saving your settings, so if there is a power outage, it will kick back on to your previous settings.

The electronic controls and LED display even make setting it up easy. You can set this up in bathrooms to work continuously or utilize the 24hr timer to run at certain times.


  • Auto defrost option in colder weather
  • Removes up to 3.75 gallons or 30 pints of moisture from the room air daily
  • Suitable with 1500 sq ft rooms
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty


  • Not as energy efficient than other models

Afloia 2000

The Afloia 2000 provides a middle ground between the performance of the Frigidaire 30 and the price of the ProBreeze 1200.

The water tank capacity is 68 ounces or 0.53 gallons with the total removal rate in bathrooms for up to 26 ounces of water moisture each day.

The dehumidifier doesn't even come with a continuous drain feature. According to reviews, if you are planning on running this all-day, it might become tedious having to discard the contents of the tank rather than having self-draining.

During testing, we found the dehumidifier to be suitable for bathrooms. It even has a powerful yet quiet operation, which was a plus. In addition, it has Peltier technology for a relatively low power consumption even when you run it for a long time.


  • High dehumidification capacity
  • Easy to use one-button control
  • Peltier technology for a low power consumption
  • 2-year free replacement and lifetime support


  • No continuous use drainage option and lacks moving parts

Hysure Portable Dehumidifier

The Hysure Portable is one of the most affordable and best dehumidifier for bathroom use that we tested and reviewed.

What stood out to us was the whisper technology, which keeps this unit in a quiet operation while using it.

You can even use this in a small bathroom for your bedroom, and it's not going to make a lot of noise overnight.

It's better and more powerful for smaller to mid-sized bathrooms with the recommended area between 107 and 215 square feet.

You will also want to avoid using this in colder areas or damp spaces in your house as there is no even a defrost system. The favored climate for optimal performance is around 86°F.


  • Automatic shutoff when full
  • 2.62 total pounds for easy portability
  • Whisper technology for a low noise level
  • Tied for the most affordable dehumidifier


  • Does not work well in colder environments

Crane Odor Reduction Dehumidifier

Suitable for small to medium-sized bathrooms of no more than 300 square feet. The Crane dehumidifier is for lighter humidity levels, like in a living room.

The dehumidifier is smaller compared to some of the others we tested. The total water tank capacity is ½ gallon.

It lacks continuous draining features, so you will need to discard the contents of the reservoir manually.

The model shuts off automatically when the tank is full. However, a few users have complained that this sometimes doesn't work correctly. The dehumidify rate is 20 ounces, or 0.5 gallons every 24 hours.


  • Compact design fits small bathrooms
  • Timer function
  • Reduces bacteria, dust mites, mold and mildew
  • Antimicrobial material in water container


  • Small water tank capacity

KEDSUM 1200 Dehumidifier

The KEDSUM 1200 is another compact and efficient dehumidifier that uses Peltier technology to improve power consumption and decrease the noise level.

We immediately noticed how quiet this unit was during testing, and many users made similar comments from our research.

If you have a small bathroom and want the best dehumidifier that is lightweight, this might be the right solution.

The total coverage area is for rooms of no more than 150 square feet, with a daily moisture removal rate of 8 ounces per day maximum.

The reservoir capacity for the 1200 model is 16 ounces. The unit is not using a continuous drain option and would need to be emptied manually as well.


  • Energy efficient Peltier technology
  • Auto-shutoff features when the tank is full
  • Many users noted it's quiet operation
  • Small size won't take up much living space


  • No continuous draining features

Bathroom Dehumidifier Buying Guide

danby dehumidifier

Bathroom Coverage Area

The coverage area is how a dehumidifier can effectively extract moisture out in a room. The volume is measured in a few different ways, including square foot, cubic foot, or square meters outside of the United States.

Before purchasing a bathroom dehumidifier, it's essential to check the features and to get an estimate of the volume of your bathroom. To do this, you find the measurements for the length, width, and height. Then, you take the numbers and multiply them (L x W x H=V in cubic feet).

“ cubic measurements take all three dimensions into consideration. This will tell you the volume of a given area”

- Paul Bianchina, Contractor/Author [1]

Also make sure to get a dehumidifier for bathroom use that exceeds the volume of your room. If you purchase a dehumidifier that is too small or right at the size of your bathroom, it may not work efficiently enough to do the job.

Tank Capacity

The capacity will dictate how much water the best dehumidifier for bathroom use can hold before you have to clear it. The best dehumidifier for bathroom use will have one of those larger water tanks requiring you to need to empty it less frequently.

To figure out how often you would have to discard the contents of the container, look at the tank capacity rating for the dehumidifier you are considering. Then, look at the dehumidifying rate discussed below. So, for example, if a unit has a 20oz tank and removes moisture at a rate of 9oz of moisture per day, the container will require emptying every two days.

bathroom fixtures

Dehumidification Rate

This number shows you how much moisture the dehumidifier can pull from the air in a room in one day. You would see this measured as oz per day, gallons in one day, or pints every 24 hours. To get an accurate understanding of how much humidity needs removal, you should use a hygrometer to measure the humidity level in your bathroom [2].

A hygrometer is an often inexpensive tool for effective measuring of humidity in a room. Using this tool, you can calculate the actual dehumidify rate needed to extract the excess moisture from your bathroom.

“Indoor air dehumidification can be used [to prevent mold], in which dehumidified air is circulated through a cooling coil, where water is condensed and drained.”

- Michal Krzyzanowski, World Health Organization Europe [3]

Self Draining Capabilities

The best dehumidifier for bathroom use is usually designed to provide self-draining capabilities. Usually, by way of a hose connecting to the water tank, which allows it to drain automatically rather than storing in the container.

If you plan on running the dehumidifier continuously throughout the day and night, this is an important feature as well. If not, you will have to monitor the container regularly and discard the water manually.

Size and Weight

Size and weight limitations will be highly subjective to your specific needs and what you like. If you have designed a small bathroom in your house but do not have a large space, the ideal unit is a more compact and small dehumidifier. Remember that a smaller unit will also mean a smaller water tank and generally a lower rate at which the unit can dehumidify a room.


Is It Safe to Leave Dehumidifiers Operating While I Take a Shower?

Yes, it is safe to leave dehumidifiers operating while you shower so long as no electrical wires are exposed.

How Often Should I Empty the Water Tank of Dehumidifiers?

It would be best if you emptied the water tank of dehumidifiers when it becomes full. This will be different for every unit and will also depend on how much moisture is pulled from the air. It is ideal to look at the dehumidifying rate and the tank size to calculate how often you like to discard the tank's content. Also, consider looking for a continuous draining option that self drains.

What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need for My Bathroom?

The size of the dehumidifier you need for your bathroom will depend on the moisture level in the air and how large the room is. One of the first things to calculate is how much moisture needs removing using a hygrometer.

Next, calculate the volume of your bathroom. If you have one large bathroom, you have to remove more moisture from the air. If such is the case, you also need a larger bathroom dehumidifier to reduce humidity in the air. Look for Energy Star certified appliances for larger dehumidifiers to save on your energy bills [3].

Will Dehumidifiers Help With Mold in the Bathroom?

Yes, dehumidifiers will help with mold in the bathroom. A bathroom mold forms due to excess moisture in the air, and it also surfaces on walls and wood. One portable dehumidifier will remove the excess moisture easily in rooms and improve ventilation. It will help in creating a less hospitable environment for mold and prevent mildew from forming. It will also enhance the quality of air in any room.

What Are Some Tips to Reduce Humidity Levels in Your Bathroom?

Some tips to decrease humidity levels in your bathroom include shorter and cooler showers and opening windows and doors to prevent steam from being trapped. For some people who have an exhaust fan in their bathroom, this can also help improve ventilation.

One of the few effective things you can also easily do is wiping down excess moisture on mirrors. Also, wipe down other surfaces after taking a shower is still essential to improve air quality. Doing these things, along with using a portable dehumidifier for bathrooms, will also help to keep moisture in check.

And We Choose...

After all of our experiments were concluded, the best dehumidifier for bathroom use came down to the Eva-Dry. It has a consistent rating from thousands of users and did well in all of our testings. We particularly liked the Peltier technology, which makes it quieter to operate with better energy efficiency [4].

The auto shut-off allows you to continuously run the bathroom dehumidifier without fear of the tank overflowing and spilling over. Many users have also praised the model's affordable price when compared to many other high-performance bathroom dehumidifier units.

This is a good option if you have a small bathroom and want some of the best performance without a large dehumidifier that takes up too much space.

Eva-Dry 1100

Top Pick

  • Removes musty smells and unpleasant odor
  • 16-ounce water reservoir
  • Full water tank LED indicator light
  • Auto shutoff features when full
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