Studies show that 95% of all home invasions are executed through a forceful entry. A regular front door may break after just a few forced kicks, whereas an enforced, secure door will be nearly indestructible. In this guide, I will show you 5 simple ways to secure your front door from being kicked in from burglars.

1. Replace the Deadbolt Strike Plate

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A simple cylinder lock for doors is a crooks’ dream. These are easy to crack and present no challenge to burglars who know what they are doing. On the other hand, Grade 1 deadbolts can withstand 10 strikes with a force of 75 pounds [2]. Even the simple sight of a grade 1 deadbolt door lock is likely to deter any invaders because they take too much effort to destroy with force attacks.

To benefit fully from a deadbolt, you will need to have a strike plate installed on the door jamb. A box strike plate is your best bet here, these have a steel cup that the bolts lock into and therefore are the most durable option. A regular strike box tends to be flimsy and presents an unnecessary weak spot that is best upgraded.

Additionally, be sure to install hinge bolts if your door opens outwards. If your entry door opens to the outwards, each hinge pin can be freely accessed to invaders. Hinge pins are an easy target and should be denied access at all costs.

If you want to take that special extra step in reinforcing your door, aside from upgrading your box strikes, you could employ a throw bolt and mini door shields as well.

2. Reinforce The Door Frame

A reinforced door jamb alone will act to improve your door security. To up the safety, you can also add a jamb shield on top. In most local stores you will usually be able to find a complete door reinforcement kit, ready to be installed out of the box.

These kits feature metal strips that go onto the door hinge. Oftentimes the frame reinforcement kits will include hinge shields, locked strike plates, a door jammer, and a door armor jamb shield. Alternatively, you will be able to find single door hinges in case you do not need the extras.

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3. Ensure That Your Door Has a Solid Core

If you want to prevent break ins, it is very important that you have a solid core door.

All other methods will not be as effective unless your door will be able to take some force.

Hollow core doors, though cost effective, should only be used inside the house. For a front door, you ideally want it to have a solid metal core.

This can be seen as overkill for regular home owners, but as long your front door has anything resembling a solid core you should have a good base to protect yourself from any type of force attack.

4. Use a Strike Plate Lock

Most home doors are usually equipped with standard door chains and a base plate. These do not provide one with much security against kick-ins. To secure doors and ensure a maximum level of safety, you want to have a strike plate lock installed.

It can withstand over 50 kicks, whereas a standard door chain will break after just a few. The installation process for entry doors is simple and upgrading your lock area will take less than one hour.

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5. Have a Horizontal Door Security Bar

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If there is a method to prevent door kick ins once and for all, it is installing a horizontal security bar. It beats door locks of any kind, as it is a feature that is completely independent of both the door and the door jamb. Steel bar door barricades are able to withstand professional rams that can carry blows of a significant force.

If anyone tries to kick your steel door barricade in, their legs will go long before the door shows signs of weakness. Also, they are a great alternative to security grilles, which serve a similar function but tend to be unsightly.

Installing steel security bars does not take much effort. To put it in place, use the two lag bolts that go into the jack studs located near the doors' frame. Once installed, all you have to do is slide the bar slots over the lag bolts. Voila, your door is kick proof!

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The 5 listed methods show that there are simple ways to keep your door from being broken in. Even if you choose to employ just one of these, you will significantly reduce the chances of someone being able to break in.

Surely nothing stops you from combining a number of the suggested ways to maximize your home security system and keep your door secure. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.


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