With thirty years in the security industry, ADS Security Systems can seem like a reliable company for home security. But, with a 36-month contract, you want to be sure the company is right for you. We conducted an extensive review of ADS Security to see how they fare against the competition, which we recommend below.

What Is ADS Security?

ADS Security offers home security services for homes and businesses. They operate out of Nashville, Tennessee, with 25 local branches throughout Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and other parts of the easter United States.

Aside from basic security systems, the company offers smart home security systems, video surveillance, fire and safety, and other protection services. Their technology is up to date and installed professionally. All new signups require a 36-month contract.

  • Lifetime warranty on the alarm system
  • Smart home automation products
  • Customizable alarm system
  • No installation costs
  • Thirty-six-month contract length
  • Lack of transparent pricing
  • Limited service area
  • High monitoring price

ADS Security Packages

considerations before buying

ADS Security doesn’t have different home security system packages similar to other companies. Instead, they offer you the ability to build your system. When you visit their website, you are directed to take a five-question assessment asking about the size of your home, the number of doors, if you have dogs or children, etc.

All of this is meant to get you to send them information about yourself so that ADS can contact you directly by phone. While this does allow you to design a system around your specific needs, it is a minor annoyance.

Other companies let you design your security system by selecting specific equipment you like. This gives you an idea of what you need and what the price will be upfront. With ADS, the current way of having to contact them is less transparent.

How Much Does ADS Security Cost?

According to their website, ADS Home Security costs at around $40 each month for monitoring. They do not charge an installation fee and have a free service plan for life on all their alarm systems.

They do not have upfront security packages, nor do they list the price of their equipment directly on their website. You will need to contact the security firm directly and make sure of this. They do make it clear, though, that they do not offer free equipment.

If you opt to customize your system and add extra services, the monitoring and installation will cost more.

Security Equipment

The ADS Home Security company has up to date equipment all geared around creating a smart home security system. As with many other home security companies, they offer a wide range of extra equipment.

Outside of the standard touchscreen keypad and motion sensors, you can create your ADS security system around your needs. Some of their equipment includes:

Your ADS security system can be customized around your home and your specific needs. The home security system will be monitored by the companies central station monitoring centers. You can control your security cameras directly from your cell phone using the mobile app.

How Is The Customer Support?

The company has free customer service for all of its security alarm customers. You will also have to contact customer support when you initially set up your system. You cannot set up any home security equipment packages directly on their website.

Most of the reviews we researched about the alarm company noted that their customer support is both competent and helpful.

“The tech was on time, polite, and fixed my issue quickly. I have no complaints. I’m pleased with my service.”

- Margit, Verified Facebook Reviewer

Monthly Monitoring

The company offers 24/7 monitoring for customers. Monitoring starts at around the 40 dollar mark and can go up depending on what extra services you need.

For additional smart monitoring services or other products, the cost can go up for security. ADS Security has its monitoring center certified by The Monitoring Association of America (4).

Extra Features

The company is similar to SafeTouch Security as it has a mobile app that allows you to automate control of your system entirely. Using the app, you can arm and disarm your system while away from your home or monitor your smart home equipment.

Their smart products also integrate with Amazon Alexa and Apple Homkit for added control over your system.

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ADS Home Security Reviews

ADS security real cutomer reviews

After extensive analysis, we found the company to be adequate. They have up to date home equipment and professional installation. They also have plenty of positive reviews from users for their customer service. Their lengthy contract is a significant drawback but is comparable to other security companies. Overall, they have a similar product to other monitoring companies.

BBB Rating

ADS Security has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited with the organization since 1986. They have nine listed customer complaints that have all been responded to and resolved. The company has over 103 customer reviews on the website with an average five-star rating (1).

Yelp Rating

The company has five reviews on Yelp. The average of all of these ADS Security reviews is three and one-half stars (2).

Facebook Reviews

ADS Security has over five thousand likes on its Facebook page and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. This rating is based on the opinion of 372 people (3).


What does ADS security stand for?

ADS Security stands for Alarm Detection System. The current company acquired a Tennesse based security company by the name of Alarm Detection System. As the company grew, the name ADS stuck.

How do I cancel my ADS system?

You can cancel your ADS Security service by contacting ADS Security customer support. You will need to call 866-837-8110 and speak with representatives about canceling your service. If you are still under your contract, you will be charged a termination fee.

Do We Recommend ADS Home Security?

After extensive research of ADS Security, and rigorous comparison of their technology, we believe ADS to be an okay security provider. But, for most people, SimpliSafe will be a better option. SimpliSafe lets you completely customize your security package.

More important, SimpliSafe doesn’t require you to sign a 36-month contract, or any contract. You select the exact equipment you want and pay the monthly charges for monitoring.

You can cancel your service anytime without worrying about expensive termination fees. If you’re looking for a great no-contract security provider, check out SimpliSafe today.


Our #1 Recommendation

  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
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