Security companies are supposed to provide you with freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind. Imagine though getting stuck in a multi-year contract with something faulty. That's the reality with many companies we've tested.

We recently reviewed SafeTouch Security to see if their three-year contract is worth it or if there's a better choice.

What's SafeTouch Security & Alarms?

SafeTouch Security Company offers a similar service to many other home security companies. You can select from multiple packages, each with different levels of monitoring and equipment.

Their basic kit comes with the usual security equipment with their higher plans offering more such as video monitoring, motion detectors, and smart home products. The company has a three-year contract for all new signups.

It charges the standard fees upon signup, such as an installation fee, monthly monitoring fee, and various other service charges.

  • Smart Home technology
  • Mysafetouch App for complete control
  • Professional installation
  • Consistent monitoring service
  • Limited service area
  • Three-year monitoring contract length
  • Lack of transparent pricing
  • No baby safety monitoring

System & Features Overview

components in the living room

SafeTouch Security Response Rate

SafeTouch Home Security makes some extensive claims on their website when it comes to response times. According to their site, they have some of the fastest guaranteed response times in the industry. They claim to respond to all alarm notification in 45 seconds or less. We have no way to verify the efficacy of this claim.

It is known that the company is powered by and uses its monitoring station to provide monitoring services for their customers. The average response rate for this and similar providers is around one to two minutes. It is usually around 30 seconds for the alarm to be verified and about 30 seconds to notify emergency officials (3).

SafeTouch Installation

SafeTouch Security offers professional installation for all of their home security system units. The fees for installation are included in the purchase price of each of their home security systems, as with many other major home security system providers. All of the equipment, from control panels to your motion detector to sensors and cameras will be set up by a professional technician to ensure everything works properly.


One thing that we do like about SafeTouch Home Security is that they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their equipment. Some home security providers we’ve reviewed in the past only provide a guarantee for a few years on their equipment. With SafeTouch, you are buying the equipment as opposed to renting it as with some other providers. Having a lifetime warranty ensures your alarm will continue to be serviced and can be used beyond just a few years.

SafeTouch Alarm Packages & Equipment

There are three basic packages that you can choose from when initially setting up your alarm system. From there, you can expand each plan with further equipment. All of the plans include access to the MySafeTouch App, an emergency power source, local UL monitoring. These are:

Safetouch Secure Safetouch Advantage Safetouch Pro
GC2 Security Panel GC2 Security Panel GC2 Security Panel
Window Contacts Window Sensors Window Sensors
Motion Detector Door Sensors Door Sensors
Door and Window Sensors Motion Sensors Motion Sensors
- 2-way Voice Control Panel 2-way Voice Control Panel
- Lighting and Climate Control Lighting and Climate Control
- - Video Surveillance for family safety
- - Cloud Storage for Video
- - Smart Home Automation

SafeTouch Security Contract

This is the most significant sticking point with SafeTouch Home security. You will be stuck in a three-year contract when you initially sign up with the company. This means if you decide to move out of their service area, you will be on the hook for paying off the remainder of your contract.

Home Security Price

price and system disarmed

During our review of SafeTouch Security, we could not find prices for their alarm service. If you visit their website, you have to request a quote to get pricing for each package. This is the first company we have come across that does not provide transparent packaging on their website.

Upon more in-depth research, we were able to find on other review websites that their monthly service charge is more or less $29.95 per month with an installation charge that starts at about $99. It’s important to note that this information came from other home security buying guides and not the companies own website.

SafeTouch Package Features

All of the packages feature smart home resources that allow you to monitor everything from your mobile device. Each of the panels has crash and smash monitoring so that no one can tamper with or vandalize your system. Each panel is directly tied to the Safetouch Security command center, so if an alarm goes off, the system would immediately alert you and the center.

We’ve had a great experience with SafeTouch so far. Both the sales rep and technician we worked with were very knowledgeable and thorough.

- Jennifer, Verified Google Reviewer

Security Monitoring

With each Safetouch system, you get 24/7 monitoring and customer service. As noted above, the company claims to have a 45-second response time which is the time it takes for them to contact you and verify the alarm then alert emergency services.

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Customer Service

The company has mixed reviews of their customer service. Many negative reviews on sites like the BBB and Google My Business talked about the customer service or the sales person that helped people. These Safetouch Security reviews primarily noted that some interactions with the representatives did not solve the issues.

Reviews & Ratings

My SafeTouch App ratings

After researching and reviewing the SafeTouch Security Systems, we believe them to be an adequate alarm system company. Their systems are up to date, and they offer the necessary level of service you would expect from an alarm company.

You can also get all of the essential extras, such as security cameras and motion sensors. The major drawback we found is their lengthy contract similar to companies like Brinks.

BBB Rating

The BBB does not accredit SafeTouch Security. They have an A- rating on the website with an average consumer rating of five stars with 395 reviews (1).

Facebook Reviews

The company has over 6,000 likes on Facebook. They do not have any reviews for their product or comments about their product on their page (2).

Google My Business

The SafeTouch Security Company has a Google Reviews rating of 4.6 out of five stars. They have 1,340 reviews, with the average score being 5 stars.

What’s The Verdict On SafeTouch Security?

After our SafeTouch review, we find that they are a good company. They are one of the top home security providers we've researched and certainly have plenty to offer in terms of service. The company has plenty of high marks from sites like the BBB and other reputable sources. But, we feel there's are better options.

We recommend Simplisafe. This company does not lock you into lengthy contracts. They allow you to create your security package by purchasing only the equipment you need. They also have lower monitoring fees and equally high ratings for customer support.


Our #1 Recommendation

  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
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  • Free Returns
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