Selecting the best ultrasonic pest repeller is no simple task. The Federal Trade Commission already sent out warning letters to 60 lower quality brands, demanding additional proof of the quality of their products.

So my team and I decided to do some more research to find out which electric repellers actually work. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 recommendations. I’ll also answer some of the most common questions you may have.

Top 5 Electronic Pest Control Devices


Home Sentinel Full Electronic Pest Control

If you’re looking for protection for your family and household against an insect and mice for a reasonable price, I recommend Home Sentinel. It’s one of the best ultrasonic pest repellers on the market today.

In addition to using ultrasonic sound frequencies and electromagnetic waves to displace pests out of your house, it also includes a third type of technology that’s not found in many other repeller products, called Ionization.

A single electronic pest repeller covers up to 1,200 sf, and you can also add more units in your house if you’d like.

Also, keep in mind that the electromagnetic feature is a type of repellent that can travel through the room divider (via the wiring) to drive away pests. The size of the room bounds the ultrasonic sound and ionizers that the device is placed in.

If you have multiple floors in your house, my top pick on the best ultrasonic pest repellers is a good option because it comes in a four-pack.

Key Features:

  • Non-Toxic and Safe for Kids
  • Effective for Indoor Areas up to 1200 square feet
  • Simple Electronic Plug
  • Technical Support and Customer Service

Pest Defense Electronic Pest Repeller

If your house has a simple wiring system with most rooms being on single or double circuits, then this pest repeller could potentially save you some money. This is my second best pick for the best ultrasonic pest repellers.

It works strictly by sending electromagnetic pulses through your wiring to drive off different kinds of insect, rats and mice, among other common household pests.

What makes it one of the best ultrasonic pest repellers is that it can protect a very large area and is not limited by partitions or other objects.

A single device of electronic pest repellent has enough power to drive off pests of an entire floor of an average size house (1,200 to 1,600 sf).

Key Features:

  • EPA Registered
  • Built-in Surge Protector
  • Sends Electrical Impulses through Home Wiring
  • Effective for 1 level of the Average Size House

MaxMoxie (2-Pack)

MaxMoxie is one of the best ultrasonic pest repellers available as a two-pack for the same price as one.

Each ultrasonic pest repeller covers 1,200 sq ft of space. A good way to test the waters with a package like this is to plug a single device in a central location like a living room and keep the doors open in adjacent rooms.

With fewer obstructions, the ultrasonic sound waves may be able to reach other areas of your house from this single device. Then you can plug the second ultrasonic pest repeller in a nearby hallway to help broaden the protected space.

This ultrasonic pest repeller was also mentioned to be usefule to drive away mice.

Key Features:

  • Low Input Voltage Power Supply
  • Easy Electronic Plug
  • 1200 Square ft Range
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee from the Manufacturer

Zero Pest

This 4-pack of ultrasonic pest repellers might be the ticket to force those nasty critters out of your house.

One new unit covers 1,500 square feet (6,000 in total), which is wide enough to protect four medium to large size family rooms.

For a large open space like a basement or garage, you may need to use two units to protect the entire area.

Some customer reviews mentioned it as being one of the top fly repellers.

Key Features:

  • Four Packs of Ultrasonic Pest Repellent
  • Electronic Chip for to Emit Ultrasound Waves
  • Easy Electronic Plug
  • Multi-species Insect Repellent

Pest Reject (6-pack)

My last recommendation for the best ultrasonic pest repellers is this Pest Reject.

For just a couple dollars more than my #4 pick, you can avail of a total of 6 new units of ultrasonic pest repeller to plug around your residence.

This is a reasonably good deal, and that could protect your house from pest infestations and say goodbye to these “unwanted house guests”.

If you don’t want to take any risk with cockroaches, almost any kind of insect, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, mice, and rats invading your residence, then this pest repeller should have you covered.

Key Features:

  • Affordable Option
  • Blue Light for On/Off Notification
  • Microchip System
  • Pest Reject Ultrasound Repeller

Features to Look for in Electronic Pest Control

Not all pest repellers will work the same way. If you purchase the wrong repeller, you might be disappointed, and you’ll end up wasting your money.[1]

Let’s take a look at these key features of ultrasonic pest repellers. This is to ensure that we can help you in choosing the right ultrasonic pest repeller for your needs.

Ultrasonic Waves and Sounds


Most pests such as insects and rodents nuts have a strong reaction to ultrasonic waves and sounds. However, these ultrasound waves and vibrations are inaudible to humans and other house pets.

The pests stand to be around that type of environment, and the first thing they would do is get away from the frequencies. As you can read in my product reviews above, all of the ultrasonic pest repellers have an ultrasonic frequency.

An ultrasonic pest repellent uses sound frequencies as an invisible force field around your home. The bugs and mice inside your house are forced out. While the ones outside don’t want to come anywhere near it.

Individual Unit Coverage


Electronic ultrasonic pest repeller has a limit on how much area it can protect. When you’re comparing pest control products, you’ll find that some devices cover a small space like 200 sf while others can handle an ample space of 1,600 sq ft or more.

The more area an ultrasonic pest repeller can protect, the better value it will be for your home. In my review above, I’ve listed the specifications for each of the best ultrasonic pest repellents.

Number of Units Included

new box

Some ultrasonic pest repeller brands only sell individual units while others come as a package set.

The number of ultrasonic pest repeller included with your purchase is significant because you may need at least two repellers to eliminate bugs and odents effectively.

As you learned about ultrasonic pest repellers, these products are limited to the size of the room they’re placed in.

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A repeller may advertise that it can protect 1200 sq ft, but if the room you use it in is only 600 sq ft, then that’s all the protection you’re going to need with single pest control.

On the other hand, if you purchase a pest repellent, you’ll get the full 1200 sq ft range. This technology works behind the walls through your wiring system and is not bound by physical barriers.

Keep this concept in mind when you’re shopping for pest repellers, so you know how many to get. For example, if the main level of your residence is 1,000 sq ft with seven separate rooms, and you buy a single ultrasonic pest repeller that claims to shield 1200 sf, it’s not going to cover the whole floor when placing it inside a room.

The walls will block its full radius. In that example, you’ll need to put a repeller in every room that’s surrounded by four walls.

In my reviews above, you’ll find recommendations for units that work in a large amount of space. To make it easier for you to make a decision, I’ve included the square footage ratings for two single units of ultrasonic pest repeller, two, four and six-pack.

Night Light


Ultrasonic pest repellers not only get rid of pests, but it can also serve as a night light. An LED is an optional feature many ultrasonic pest repeller units include.

This feature has a dual purpose. The first purpose is to light up your hallways or rooms to help you see better at night. The second purpose is to act as an additional repellent for certain pests.

Some insects don’t like light, and so they’ll avoid areas that are lit up. You can find in my reviews above which units have a night light.


Best warranty

A warranty offered by the repellent manufacturer is another way to be assured that the unit you bought is not a waste of money. This is for additional assurance while having the chance for a replacement or refund within the warranty period.

Other repellent manufacturers even offer a lifetime guarantee. As you can see in my individual product reviews, I stated the warranty.

6 Advantages of Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

  1. Safety: A ultrasonic pest repeller doesn’t use chemicals or poisons to eradicate bugs and rodents. This means these products are safe for humans and pets to be around without fear of ingesting or inhaling toxic materials.
  2. Ease of Operation: Based on reviews, no expertise is needed to operate it. Just plug it into a power source or outlet, and it will start to emit sound frequencies and vibrations.
  3. Versatile: Ultrasonic pest repeller devices ward off a variety of household pests, including bugs and rodents. It is categorized as an insect repellent too. You don’t have to perform a separate exterminating process to repel each type of pest.
  4. Use Anywhere: Since ultrasonic pest repeller devices don’t use harsh chemicals, they can be used in any room of your home without any worry. This includes children’s rooms, pet areas, garage, basements, and more.
  5. Long-lasting: A new ultrasonic pest repellers work 24 hours a day for 1-3 years on end without needing to be replaced. What about its costs to power bills? There is no study to explain its effect on our electricity bill.
  6. They Repel Not Kill: Using chemical sprays and baits to kill pests around the home can be inconvenient. Having to get rid of a dead bug and rodents from your home is not something anyone likes to do. Also, if a bug or rodent goes off and dies, you can’t see after ingesting poison, an odor can start to emanate from the location which makes things much worse.

Get the Most out of Your Ultrasonic Pest Repeller:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using your ultrasonic repeller. Each repeller comes with its own set of guidelines and requirements to show overall effective results, such as a recommended distance from the floor, avoiding the placement behind curtains, the best location inside a room, etc.
  2. Make sure to use the right number of repellers for each room. Every ultrasonic pest repeller and pest control device has a limited range. Therefore, please read the manufacturer’s instructions to find out how far it can reach. Then, put the device in a room that is less than this number or invest in multiple units to protect the intended space fully.
  3. Be patient. It takes time to eliminate the various type of pests (like two to four weeks), especially if you have severe mice problems. Even a popular device like Neatmaster will take time to show overall significant results. If you find that ants, spiders, mice, or other pests are still invading your residence, wait a few days before you box the unit up and make a return. It’s normal for these critters to make their presence more known after installing an electronic or ultrasonic pest repeller because they’re usually trying to figure their way out of your home. Let the bug repellent do its job before you panic and call in an exterminator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller?

All you have to do is plug an ultrasonic pest repeller into an electrical outlet, and they’ll immediately start working. Some repellers include a switch to turn it on or off, so be sure to look for this function after unboxing it.

If you buy an ultrasonic pest repeller that sends vibrations through the wiring system of your home, there’s nothing more you have to do after turning on the item.

What Types of Pests Do Ultrasonic Repellers Get Rid Of?

Most ultrasonic pest repellers are advertised to get rid of ants, roaches, mice, rats, squirrels, snakes, mosquitos, flies, and fleas. It’s categorized as an insect repellent, so it can pretty much target any specie of insects.

Note that based on the Entomological Society of America, bed bugs are not repelled by ultrasonic devices. [2] Even popular units like TBI Pro Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Neatmaster, and Zeropest Ultrasonic do not repel bed bugs.

Is an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Safe Around Pets?

Yes, ultrasonic pest repeller devices are designed to be safe around pets. Based reviews of some users, pets like cats, dogs, and birds are unaffected by these sound waves. Some smaller animals like hamsters or rabbits may react to these devices because of their hearing abilities.

So keep that in mind if you do have these pets at home. You may not want to use an electronic pest repeller inside the room that houses the cages of those types of animals.

Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Effective?

It may be hard to believe that you can just plug it into your wall outlet, and it repels insects and rodents. However, many ultrasonic pest repellers do live up to their claims. This is according to several reviews of customers.

Even with expensive ultrasonic devices like TBI Pro Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Neatmaster, and Zeropest Ultrasonic, not everyone will experience the same results. These devices are worth a shot no matter where you live or how bad of a pest problem you may have.

Just remember that pest repellers are not used to kill bugs and rodents, but rather designed to repel them from your home. This process can take some time to work effectively (claims say in about two to four weeks), and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Also, some pests are brave souls and will invade your home no matter what you use. This is even true when using chemical pest repeller products.

How Much Area Does One a Unit of Repeller Cover?

The coverage area of an ultrasonic pest repeller depends on how the product’s manufacturer designed it. A unit of pest repellent claims that it can reach an average of 400 up to 1,200 sq ft (this depends on the model used).

Other expensive pest repellents like TBI Pro Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Neatmaster, and Zeropest Ultrasonic even claim to cover up to 2,000 sq ft. So the overall results depend on the model and manufacturer.

It is usually suggested to place in multiple rooms, depending on how big your home so you might witness optimal results.

Where Should I Place the Repeller?

It is recommended to place the pest repeller in the part of a room where there are abundant signs of pest activity. This is usually the kitchen where rodents sniff around foods or left-overs.

Though it’s hard to look for signs of rodent activity because they creep around at night only, my suggestion is to look for other signs of pest infestation. For example, gnaw marks, chewing, tracks, nests, droppings, and even their strong urine smell.

Another essential thing I suggest is to plug it in an open space. Even other products not included in my top picks like the Neatmaster suggest the same too.

Do not place it behind a piece of furniture where the sound waves are blocked. This is the common mistake of people claiming that ultrasonic pest repellents don’t work. So it is always important to strategically place the repeller for pests to witness overall results.

What Is the Lifespan of a Rodent Infestation Inside My House?

They can live up to two to three years inside your home though it can only live up to less than a year when outdoors or the back yard. Also, it gets pregnant up to five to ten times each year and produces 3-14 pinkies (baby mouse). Imagine the mice problem and disaster this can result in.

What Are the Other Types of Pest Control Methods?
  1. Organic Pest Control – This is with the use of insect sprays, poisoned bait, or mouse traps.
  2. Chemical Pest Control – These are chemicals that can be used for residential and commercial purposes. These are in the form of aerosol, solid, and liquid. Remember to use this with precaution because of its harmful effects on humans.
  3. Biological Pest Control – Works by using another living organism to control the pests.
  4. Pest Control Services – Services by pest control companies.
Can Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Cause Harm To Humans?

No, ultrasonic pest repellers cannot cause harm to humans because the sound and vibrations are too weak to hear and feel. Even house pets cannot hear the ultrasound frequency.

And the #1 Product is …

I recommend the Home Sentinel Pest Controller based on the countless hours of studies and reading numerous reviews. It offers an ultrasonic frequency of 50-60Hz and comes conveniently in a four-pack. This is a good option if you’re trying to cover multiple floors in your home.

It’s safe for pets and humans and is shown to be effective in getting rid of most critters, including mice, cockroaches, and spiders. If this seems like something you’re interested in, click the link to check the current price.

Home Sentinel Full Electronic Pest Control

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Non-Toxic and Safe for Kids
  • Effective for Indoor Areas up to 1200 square feet
  • Simple Electronic Plug
  • Technical Support and Customer Service
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