When infestation in your home is uncontrollable, there must be drastic control measures to repel pests. If traps don’t work, it’s time to think of another solution.

Some households use ultrasonic pest repellers, not even knowing how its mechanism works, or if it really is effective. Take note that insect traps are different from electronic repellents.

Ultrasonic pest repellents claim to repel by eliminating pests like rodents by emitting vibrations and ultrasound. The bugs and rodents cannot tolerate the ultrasonic sound and vibrations; thus, pests stay away.

As your trusty companion, I’ll go over all of this information and more below. This will help you figure out if this product is a necessity for your household. If you do, then you’ll want to make sure to check out my reviews of the best electronic pest repellers available. There are five in total.

How Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work?

As homeowners, we need to take immediate action for pest control. Scientific evidence shows that pests may cause damage to our property (because of wood-eating termites). Or worse health problems (caused by thick flies) to our family, especially the kids.

The World Health Organization (WHO) educates the public of the enteric and eye infections transmitted by flies, which includes diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, trachoma, and the pink eye. [1].

How Long do They Last?

Quality devices should have no problem continually working for three to five years or possibly more. But your device could wear out sooner with continuous use.

How long can you notice the results? You should notice a significant drop in pests activity in one to two weeks.

The Best Type of Pest Device

One thing you should look for in the best ultrasonic pest control devices is its wide coverage. It must be able to emit high-frequency sound and electromagnetic waves.

The best type of device to utilize is the ones that can emit both ultrasound and vibrations.

Which Ultrasonic Repeller Works Best

Pick a device with a frequency range of at least 50-60Hz. For a house with two-story floors, this is the best recommendation.

When one picks an ultrasonic pest repeller ultrasonic device, it must be safe for humans and pets. Some reviews say it is effective in getting rid of cockroaches, insects, rodents, and spiders.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are They Safe?

The weak sound and limited range are safe for the people inside the household. Human ears cannot detect the noise.

However, other pets like dogs and cats can hear the high-frequency sounds. Other animals ignore the sound, but if it’s too loud, they get frightened or irritated. Though no physical harm is at stake, it is best to strategically place the devices away from your pets.

Do They Work on Flies and Spiders?

The sound waves produced by ultrasonic devices are intolerable to both spiders and flies. Most of the pest control devices claim to be effective as fly repellers, mouse repeller, and rat repeller.

Are They Safe for Dogs?

Dogs can hear the noise, but they ignore it over time since the frequency is too low for them. There are no proven risks toward the safety of dogs while using ultrasonic pest repellent.

Bottom Line:

Do ultrasonic pest repellers work? As long as you have adequate coverage for your home, significant results will become visible.

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