Creating a man cave is something most men dream about having in their home while only a small percentage actually get to do it.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, congratulations!

A man cave is a great space to have and once you make it your own, you’ll rarely want to hang out in other rooms of the house.

But how should you decorate it so it represents your personality and also looks manly?

As your trusty companion, I’m here to help you with exactly that. I’ve listed out some of the top man cave room decorating ideas below for you to use in your new space.

I’m sure you’ll find at least a few good tips you can incorporate into your room starting this weekend!

Textured wall

One of the easiest ways to make a bold statement in your man cave is by adding texture to one of the walls.

A unique way to do this is by adding stone or wood. If you go to your local home improvement store you’ll find all sorts of options.

For example, there are many styles and colors of stone materials that are made for exterior walls. However, there’s no reason why you can’t use those pieces inside your man cave to cover a wall.

A textured wall with earth tones can really make your space feel more rustic and manly.

Floating shelves

When it comes to a man cave, you really want to personalize the space as much as you can.

A simple way to do this is by displaying collectible items or knick-knacks that define your personality.

Sure, you could just buy a bookshelf and stash all of these items in one place but a cooler way to do it is by putting them on floating shelves. Floating shelves can be hung all around the room and spread out your collectibles to make the space more interesting.

World map

If you’re looking for cheap man cave decorating tips, a world map tops the list. A vintage map is even better.

If you travel a lot, you can even pin spots on the map of locations you have visited. This can turn the map from just a wall covering into a conversation piece for when guests come over.

Fishing rod picture hanger

Do you like to fish?

If so, have you thought about hanging a few fishing rods on the wall?

Or better yet, how about fixing a vintage flywheel rod on the wall and then hanging a few short pieces of fishing line from the rod’s line with picture frames attached to them. Here are DIY instructions. or you can buy a pre-made one on Etsy.

That would be a more unique way to display photos in your man cave than just tacking them to the wall. The pictures can be of some of your favorite fishing trips, biggest catches, and more.


If you enjoy beer, mixed drinks, or wine, then hopefully this decorating idea is already at the top of your list.

Perhaps, it’s even one of the main reasons for why you want to create a man cave in the first place.

A bar is a great idea for a focal point in a man cave room. However, not all bars have to take an enormous amount of space. There are many cheaper options that are only a couple feet wide and offer plenty enough room to store your bar tools and drinkware.

One way to get creative with a bar in a man cave is with the bar stools. You can find all sorts of fancy designs or custom make your own.

Either way, you’ll have a prime entertainment spot for when your guests come over.

Beverage refrigerator

Regardless if you add a bar to your man cave or not, one thing you must have is a beverage refrigerator.

No man cave is complete without a fully stocked fridge of ice cold drinks.

These days, you can buy the exact size cooler you need for your space without spending a lot of money. Affordable options range from storing 62 cans up to 150 cans or more.

To find out what’s available for your man cave, check out my reviews of the best beverage coolers to compare the top products. A drink cooler like this is a much better decorating idea for a man cave than a large, oversized fridge sitting in the corner.

Front car grill

If you’re handy with a metal saw, you may want to consider going to a junkyard and finding an old classic car that still has the front grill intact.

Cutting the grill off from the rest of the vehicle will allow you to use it as cheap man cave decor.

You can hang it on a wall or incorporate it under the countertop of a full-length bar, turning the grill into a centerpiece for the space.

Whiskey bottle lamps

Did you know that you can turn old liquor bottles into table lamps?

It’s true and it’s not very hard.

Arcade games

Every man loves to reminisce about when he was younger by playing video games. And classic arcade games are the best!

You can often find cheap arcade cabinets on Craigslist or eBay. There are even tutorials out there for building your own if you feel inclined to do so.

If this man cave decorating tip is one that gets you excited, you may also want to consider getting a pinball table for the room. That way you can have an assortment of games to challenge your buddies too!

Electric fireplace heater

Don’t have a real fireplace in your man cave? Don’t worry!

You can now buy an electric fireplace heater that looks pretty realistic. Some even have 3D flames that change colors.

Not only is this a simple way to make your room cozier but it also helps cut down on your heating bill too.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out my cheap electric fireplace heaters guide.

Football field carpet

Do you love football?

How about installing a green carpet that is marked like a football field?

If your man cave room is a long space, you could even have the end zone land at the wall which has your big screen TV.

As you can see, decorating your man cave doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort in order to get good results. By just thinking outside of the box and choosing cheap ways to decorate the space, you can have a location that truly represents who you are as a person and is inviting to your friends.

If you’re looking for even more inspiration or just want to find some cool gear for your new room, check out my full list of modern home gadget reviews. I’ve tested and rated lots of things for the home and you may be pleasantly surprised with what you’ll find!

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