Security or CCTV cameras can improve police case clearance rates by up to 20%. Adding these cameras to your property may drastically improve your chances of recovering stolen possessions if robbed.

But, with many security camera manufacturers, it’s easy to get substandard equipment. We made an in-depth comparison between Lorex vs Swann cameras, two top brands, to help you make the right decision.

Lorex & Swann Key Differences

The key differences between Lorex and Swann home cameras are their technology and warranty. The Lorex camera offers a 2-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee.

Swann only provides 12 months plus 6 months if the warranty is registered online. Most Swann home camera systems also seem less technologically advanced and lower in image caliber.

Lorex Highlights

  • 2-year warranty
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • Multichannel options up to 32 channels
  • Multiple camera types
  • Chat and phone customer support

Swann Highlights

  • Up to 18 months warranty
  • Smart home integrations
  • Affordable refurbished options
  • Up to 16 channel DVR and NVR systems
  • Delivers worldwide

In-Depth Feature Comparison

Swann camera

2-Way Audio

Both Lorex and Swann use industry-standard 2-way audio recording and communication hardware. This allows you to pull up the company's app to communicate. It also provides audio to record automatically.

One thing to note is that audio recording is illegal in some states without prior consent from all parties. You need to find out the laws in your state to know whether you can use an audio recording.

Audio Recording Winner: Tie (both offer two-way audio recording in most home cameras)

Camera System Image Quality

Based on our research, Lorex has better image quality when compared to Swann home camera systems. With the former, you can purchase 4K Ultra High Definition video resolution cameras. This is one of the highest levels available with reasonable price tags. Swann has very few Ultra-HD options, with most home cameras being 1080p.

While this still provides good video camera footage, the 4K resolution of top Lorex cameras will make the finer details clear. One of the best cameras is their 4K 8Mp Ultra-HD video, which also uses H.265 vs. H.264 compression technology.

Video Quality Winner: Lorex (they offer 4K UHD cameras whereas Swann has mostly 1080p)

“Many common problems with video image quality can be avoided by selecting the appropriate transmission media and following proper installation techniques and procedures”

- Department of Homeland Security, CCTV Technology Handbook (1)

Frames Per Second (FPS): Swann or Lorex?

Frames per second refer to the number of individual images captured in a second. The higher the FPS, the clearer the images will be. There will be less jumpiness, and small details will usually come out clearer.

Lorex offers home cameras that record up to 30 FPS, with most recording around 15 FPS. For most cameras, 15 FPS is adequate for capturing the critical details you need. Despite extensive research, we could not find information for Swann camera models.

Frames Per Second Winner (FPS): Lorex

Zoom Capabilities

home security camera

Both companies provide surveillance cameras with zoom capabilities. The actual level of zoom will depend on the specific camera. One crucial point to look at is whether you are buying a camera with optical zoom or digital zoom.

Optical uses a particular lens type to zoom in on an image, whereas digital uses image restoration techniques to fill in the details. We found the best camera to be Lorex’s 1080p PTZ with 25x optical zoom dome cameras during our motion testing.

Zoom Capabilities Winner: Lorex (their 1080p PTZ has 25x optical zoom)

Lorex or Swann Field of View?

The field of view will dictate how much of an area a camera can see. This is an important factor when selecting a security camera as a wider field of view will mean you need fewer cameras to cover an area (2).

Cameras with a slimmer viewing angle will have more blind spots requiring you to have another camera to fill gaps. Lorex is better for field of view with their PTZ wired security camera system. It has 360-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt. The Swann PTZ home security only has a 355-degree pan.

Field of View Winner: Lorex (360-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt)

Resolution Compared

outdoor camera

When it comes to the resolution, you will be looking at how many pixels the camera records.

The numbers you want to look at are things like 1080p, 4K, 8K, etc. These numbers refer to the lines of pixels in each image. We recommend 1080p cameras minimum and preferably 4K.

You can also opt for an 8K camera, but these can get much more expensive and are not as widely available (3). The best camera we tested was Lorex’s 4K Weatherproof Indoor and Outdoor camera.

Resolution Winner: Lorex

Night Vision Surveillance Systems

Both companies have specific camera models that offer color night vision. There are two primary types of night vision with surveillance cameras, color and infrared (IR) night vision.

Infrared uses IR lights indetectable to the human eye to light up an area in front of the camera making it visible. Color night vision, though, actually creates a color image during the night time. Color is a better option as it provides a clearer picture.

Color Night Vision Winner: Tie (both have 4k night vision cameras with color)

Indoor & Outdoor Cameras

Lorex cameras

After extensive testing, we found that Lorex’s indoor & outdoor security cameras are better. Both companies offer reliable products, but the materials that Lorex’s cameras allow them to operate in more extreme conditions.

Lorex’s outdoor cameras can operate at temperatures between -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 Celsius) and 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius).

Swann cameras operate at -22 degrees Fahrenheit and 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius).

Indoor & Outdoor Camera Winner: Lorex

Lorex vs Swann Motion Detection Capabilities

Both companies have reliable security systems with motion detection capabilities. There is one primary difference between the two, though, that edges Lorex security system cameras past Swann. We like that their cameras use motion detection to activate video recording and other features (4). This motion sensor feature can come in handy with Wi-Fi cameras as it can significantly cut back on usage time.

Motion Detection Capabilities Winner: Lorex (more motion functionality than Swann)

Which Company Has a Better Warranty?

Lorex offers a better warranty protection plan than Swann. With Swann, you get an automatic 12-month warranty with the option to add 6 months by simply registering your warranty online with the company.

However, Lorex offers people a 2-year warranty for all products purchased directly from their website. The company also provides a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you have issues with your equipment.

Better Warranty: Lorex (2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee vs. Swann’s 1-year warranty)

Lorex Pricing vs Swann

When it comes to pricing, Swann comes in at a slightly lower price point for home cameras and complete surveillance systems. Lorex offers somewhat better quality cameras, which makes up for their generally higher pricing. They also provide better options in terms of customer service and are quick to respond to consumer feedback; we found out after testing.

Better Pricing: Swann (though some of their equipment have lesser features)

Lorex vs Swann Hardware

surveillance camera

When it comes to hardware, both camera manufacturers do a great job of creating sturdy and reliable home security system cameras.

They both produce cameras that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Overall we found ourselves leaning more towards the Lorex brand of cameras due to their sturdy metal exteriors.

This can be an important feature when purchasing IP cameras and other surveillance camera types to prevent them from being vandalized by burglars (5).

Hardware Winner: Lorex (both have good cameras, but Lorex is a bit sturdier)


Both companies have apps to monitor and control their IP cameras, bullet cameras, and other types of security camera systems wired on your property. You can use these apps in conjunction with cloud storage to back up recorded video from your security camera system wired or wireless.

Each company also has cameras that can work with smart home equipment. Swann has a slight advantage as its IP camera units work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart home devices.

Software Winner: Swann (works with multiple smart home devices)

Installation Process

The installation difficulty varies with both companies based on the camera type you choose, such as an IP camera, security camera wired, or wireless security camera.

The best home security system in terms of installation is usually wireless cameras, as you don’t need to worry about running extensive wiring throughout your home to an NVR or DVR with hard drive.

Both companies have these types of systems with complete installation hardware included. From our testing, we found the ease of installation to be about the same with both companies. Check more ways on how to protect your home.

Installation Winner: Tie (both companies offer security systems which can be easy to install)

Lorex or Swann: Which Do We Prefer?

It’s a tight race, and both Lorex and Swann have some reputable products. But, ultimately, Lorex came out ahead after all of our testing and research. They offer complete security camera options for businesses or homeowners and have multiple systems for large and small properties.

The software and hardware they use in their cameras are high caliber and built to hold up in a variety of harsh climates. We also liked that they offer a 2-year warranty, one of the best out of many of the surveillance camera companies we’ve seen.

Lorex security camera

Our #1 Recommendation


  • Extended 2-year warranty
  • Durable indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Color night vision technology
  • Mobile app for remote viewing
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