We’ve worked with dozens of home security cameras, and installation is often a significant issue. Laying ethernet cables and drilling holes in your home are neither desirable nor optimal.

The solution is wireless security cameras. We’ve tested and narrowed down the 10 best outdoor wireless security camera systems with DVR for easier installation.

10 Outdoor Wireless Security DVR Camera Systems in 2020


The Reolink 8CH has everything you need for a complete security camera system setup. It comes with an eight-channel NVR with DVR recorder that can easily be hooked up to an external monitor for viewing.

You can also use the free Reolink App on your mobile device to view the live stream. The home security system comes with four indoor/outdoor cameras each ultra-high-definition 4K resolution and a recorder with two terabytes of storage space.


  • No signal degradation
  • 5MP 4K camera resolution
  • Four cameras included, handles up to 8
  • Easy plug and play setup


  • May need initial adjustments for best quality

ZOSI 1080P Outdoor Camera

The ZOSI 1080p records at a slightly lower quality than the Reolink 8CH but still displays clear outdoor security footage with DVR.

The system comes with a digital recorder equipped with a one terabyte security-grade hard disk.

It comes with a free mobile application for your smartphone, which allows you to keep an eye on the live feed.

The system comes with four outdoor cameras but can expand to operate with up to eight security camera system connections.


  • Free smartphone home security app
  • Weatherproof aluminum camera housing
  • Digital base station with 1TB HDD
  • 24/7 video monitoring


  • No MicroSD card slot

XVIM 8CH1080P DVR Outdoor Camera System

The XVIM 8CH DVR comes with eight outdoor use cameras that record in full 1080p. It has a base station loaded with a 1TB HDD ready for recording. One thing we liked during testing was the IR cut filter.

While this outdoor camera doesn’t have true color night-vision, the IR cut enhances the image to bring out the color in the video. Each camera is capable of monitoring clearly up to 100ft at night.


  • IR cut night-time color enhancement
  • 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back
  • 1TB HDD pre-installed
  • Manual or motion detector recording


  • Can be difficult to install

ANNKE 1080P Lite

The ANNKE is another eight-channel security camera system setup. This is similar to the XVIM outdoor camera with a 1080p resolution and a 1TB HDD recorder.

Each outdoor camera has a field of view of 82 degrees with night vision capabilities of up to 100 feet.

The cameras have an IP66 waterproof housing that protects them from rain to freezing temperatures and other extreme weather conditions.

The DVR camera also has motion technology to send alerts when activated.


  • Eight-piece security setup
  • IP66 outdoor weatherproof case
  • 82-degree field of view
  • 2-year quality warranty


  • Tech support hours subject to change

ZOSI H.265 System With DVR

The ZOSI H.265 is one of the best weatherproof cameras and a more affordable option than the above ZOSI 1080p.

This DVR security camera system comes with four HD cameras capable of expanding to eight in total.

It has a field of view of 90 degrees, which is one of the best of the cameras we reviewed. The camera is capable of night time recording up to 60ft, which is less than other options on this list.


  • 90-degree field of view
  • Best security camera for affordability
  • Free lifetime tech support
  • 60ft night time vision


  • No hard disk included

Hiseeu 8CH HD NVR & DVR

The Hiseeu 8CH is one of the best security systems on this list and also one of the easiest to set up.

The security camera system is completely wireless, allowing you to set and forget each camera and the recording unit.

You can use the EseeCloud App to view your cams and save footage remotely. The DVR recorder also has the largest hard disk drive at three terabytes in size.


  • 24/7 monitoring capabilities
  • 3TB HDD NVR Recorder
  • IP66 aluminum weatherproof housing
  • 1080p HD resolution video


  • Less affordable than other options

Firstrend 65ft Night Vision

This is another completely wireless unit with an easy plug and play power setup. The unit comes with four cameras and a wireless NVR recording unit.

The recorder is capable of handling an HDD of up to 4TB, which is sold separately.

The DVR cameras are high definition and can record at 1080p. You can easily monitor the live feed by connecting a video monitor to the NVR or through the free mobile application.


  • NVR recording device
  • Night-vision up to 65ft
  • Remote viewing through mobile application
  • Four high definition cameras


  • No hard drive disk


This is the lower resolution version of the XVIM 1080p we discussed above. While it still records in high-definition, its the lowest level of HD available, 720p.

During testing, we found the video quality was still good, but it does become a bit more grainy when zoomed in than the 1080p or counterpart.

This comes with a digital recorder with a pre-installed 1TB HDD. The setups were simple, and the unit comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day moneyback guarantee.’


  • Best of our affordable setups
  • Included 1TB HDD
  • Four cameras expandable to eight
  • Mobile phone application


  • Not Google Assistant compatible


The SMONET is an NVR setup that comes with four high definition cameras.

These are also 720p cameras, so lake the same level of resolution as the 1080p and 4K options above.

This unit only has four channels, so it cannot be expanded past the four cameras, which are included.

If you have a larger property, this may not be the best option. The NVR does not come with a hard disk drive and cannot be used with non SMONET cameras.

Other camera comparisons with 1080p and 4K resolution:


  • Cameras have wide viewing angle
  • Stable wireless network NVR
  • Lower product prices than other units
  • Motion alerts sent to the app


  • No two-way audio

OHWOAI 1080P DVR Camera

The final unit on our list is an eight-channel NVR/DVR setup capable of expanding to up to 8 total cameras beyond the four included.

The cameras have a picture quality of 1080p and are capable of recording at night using the 36 infrared LEDs.

The NVR has a 1TB HDD, which is included with the unit. It can store video for up to 30 days, which up to 3 people can access and view at any one time using the mobile application.


  • 1TB HDD
  • 36 IR LED light
  • Eight-channel NVR
  • IP66 weatherproof housing


  • Not the best support hours

9 Features To Look For

home monitoring from a wall

1. Included HDD

A key factor to look at when purchasing the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR is whether the recorder comes with a hard disk drive (HDD).

Most units come with an HDD provided with the system, usually around one to two terabytes in size. However, cheaper recorder systems will often not have a hard disk included.

In this instance, you will need to purchase a separate external HDD to store video on. While having to buy a separate hard drive is not a bad thing, it’s essential to be aware of this fact when you first purchase your unit.

2. DVR Camera Video Quality

Video resolution is one of the most important factors when purchasing outdoor security cameras (1). You want cameras that have excellent image quality. In the event something happens, it’s essential that you can make out details of people or vehicles upon playback.

This is especially important at night, having a camera that has some kind of night vision, which we will discuss more about next. The ideal video quality for an outdoor camera is at least 1440p or 2k video resolution.

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3. Motion Detection

While the vast majority of wireless security cameras are connected via a cable to a power source, some operate using a lithium-ion battery. If you purchase a camera that has a battery, it should also have some kind of motion detection feature (2).

Battery-powered cameras will use motion detection to activate when there is activity within the camera range. This helps to save battery life so that the video only records when needed.

Some PTZ camera types will also use motion detection, allowing the camera to focus on different activity zones as well as save battery life.

4. Ease of Setup

By their very nature, wireless home security cameras are meant to be easier to set up than their wired counterparts. However, this isn’t always the case. Make sure to think about how the camera installs and the areas of your home where you want to install them.

Look at the base plate and how it secures to the surface. Make sure the system also comes with everything you need, including screws or adhesives, so that you don’t have to round up extra parts.

5. DVR Storage Capacity

There are two primary methods that a video recording system can use to store footage, either on a disk drive or through cloud storage. Ideally, you want a device that has both options. For a disk drive, it’s best to have at least one terabyte but preferably two.

With cloud storage, it will depend on the specific provider you are working with and how much you are willing to purchase or how much you get with your plan. The benefit of cloud storage is that you can use it to back up important footage and access it through an app.

6. Night Vision

High-quality night vision is essential in the best wireless cameras for security. If an incident happens during the evening hours, you need to be able to view things like license plates, people’s faces, the make and model of vehicles, etc (3).

Something else to take into consideration will be if a camera has color night vision or only infrared lighting. Color night vision cameras have extra sensitive image sensors that use ambient light to show color even at night. Infrared vision, on the other hand, works by projecting infrared light around the lens to improve the image clarity at night.

In our comparison of Lorex and Swann, you can check out their specific camera models that offer night vision surveillance systems.

7. Two-Way Audio

Some cameras of security systems are capable of two-way audio communication. If you have an app, this can be particularly useful as it allows you to monitor and communicate with anyone around your home. You could use this, for example, to communicate with someone who is visiting your home if you aren’t there.

Certain cameras with motion detection can be set up to send you push notifications when activity is detected, allowing you to communicate with anyone on your property quickly.

8. Smart Home Integration

Smart home automation is becoming increasingly more popular with home security systems. Devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are being used to control a DVR security system allowing you to arm and disarm it by voice command.

“For my money, this Reolink security system is the absolute best. Installation and setup are quick and easy, and the image quality is crisp and sharp.”

- Verified Customer

Indoor/outdoor security cameras are also using smart home automation to help make operating these devices easier. If you have a smart home setup, look for cameras that can complement your current equipment.

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9. DVR Camera Mobile App

Most home security providers nowadays provide a mobile app to make using their systems easier. This can include third-party applications such as Alarm.com or in-house apps. Keep in mind that these apps can make using your camera much easier as you can remotely keep an eye on your system.

Usually, you can access cloud storage through mobile apps as well to review stored video footage.


Is NVR better than DVR?

NVR is better than DVR as it receives a pure digital signal from security cameras via a wireless connection or ethernet connection. This leads to higher image and audio quality. NVR stands for network video recorder, DVR stands for digital video recorder. DVRs use coaxial cables to connect with cameras.

Can any security camera work with any DVR?

Not every security camera can work with a DVR. For a camera to work with DVRs, it needs to be an analog camera with a coaxial connection. You cannot mix in a camera meant for an NVR system as these cameras use an ethernet cable to connect.

Is a wireless or wired DVR security camera better?

Wireless security DVR cameras are better than wired security cameras if you have stable WiFi and want to avoid complicated installation. With wireless cameras, you don’t need to run wires throughout your home to the recording console. You must have a stable WiFi connection, or you may experience disruptions.

How do I connect my security cameras to my TV without a DVR?

You can connect your security cameras to your TV without DVRs by using correct wiring and adapters. To do this, you need to first make sure you have a traditional analog camera. Use an RG59 siamese coaxial cable with a BNC to RNA adaptor to connect to the TV.

Can I use a CCTV camera without a DVR?

You can use a CCTV camera without DVRs. To do this, you can connect your CCTV camera directly to your TV or, if it is a wireless camera, monitor the live feed from an app if its available. Only traditional analog cameras can be connected directly to a TV.

And The #1 Wireless Outdoor DVR Security Camera is...

The Reolink 8CH gets our vote for the best wireless outdoor home security camera with DVR out of all the cameras we tested. All of the cameras on this list are good, but the Reolink 8CH consistently outperformed the rest in key areas such as image quality, ease of installation, and extra features.

The plug and play set up makes installation easy. It’s also nice that you can connect an external monitor to the recorder through a simple HDMI cable. The free Reolink app is a positive as well and makes using the camera security system seamless. If you’re looking for the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR, check out the Reolink 8CH.

Reolink 8CH Outdoor Camera System

Our #1 Recommendation

  • No signal degradation
  • 5MP 4K camera resolution
  • Four cameras included, handles up to 8
  • Easy plug and play setup
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