I’m sure you have browsed Pinterest design ideas for your patio because you would want that for your backyard. But you wonder, “How much will it cost me to pimp my outdoor space?”

It’s inexpensive if you follow my cheap backyard makeover ideas. I’ll show you how to take the “expense” out of this type of project. I’ll be showing you some easy ways to accomplish a relaxing getaway without breaking your budget.

11 Cheap Backyard Makeover Ideas

1. Use Plants to Create Privacy on Your Backyard

Do you have a small backyard that is right up against the neighbor’s house? Or, do you have an open outdoor garden where privacy can be hard to find?

If either is the case, you can easily section off a small portion of your backyard with tall-growing shrubs. This will give you a natural wall and shield your new getaway spot. You can use potted plants or go through planting them in the ground if you prefer.

2. Use Plant Containers For Your Backyard Makeover

In your outdoor getaway, you don’t want everything to look the same. Plant containers are a great way to add interest and texture to your patio. Pots or mox plant cases come in various colors and shapes, and you can rearrange them when the mood strikes you.

You can plant brightly colored flowers in the containers to give your space a makeover and make the backyard more interesting.

3. Keep Your Backyard Presentable

A little landscaping and a freshly mowed lawn can do wonders for your front yard or patio. An outdoor space with unkempt grass looks creepy rather than pretty.

Plus, it will block your beautiful view. That’s why I made sure to include this on my tips on how to beautify your backyard.

The great ambiance of your backyard can help you relax and enjoy during summertime. Using a cordless lawn mower can help you save a couple of bucks and keep your lawn looking clean.

With an electric mower, you won’t have to worry about spending a couple of bucks on gas when you use one. You’ll be able to do your entire yard without worrying about it getting too heavy to move. [1]

If you’re currently using a gas-powered mower, now may be the best time to switch to an electric one. Not only are these products affordable, but they cost a fraction to maintain in the long run.

Here is the best cordless electric lawn mower you can buy along with its four top competitors.

4. Add a Backyard Water Feature

Few things are as calming or as mesmerizing as a water feature. Consider this backyard makeover tip to bring zen to your patio.
You’ll be able to enjoy the sound of running water any time you want. There are a lot of great options that don’t even take up too much space.

  • If you’re short on space, look for a vertical water feature. This will save you space and add height to your area.
  • You can consider buying a small fountain or a large aquarium for your backyard. But if you can build one with your own hands, that would be perfect. If not, you can get lucky to find an affordable piece from thrift shops.
  • You can also have an inflatable swimming pool for the kids for the summertime. It’s important to designate outdoor play areas for the kids to get busy with.

5. Hang String Lights

Sometimes, you want to enjoy your backyard after dark, and a few strings of lights allow you to do this.

These lights are a simple way to add a whimsical touch to your space. This little lighting detail will surely make your patio a relaxing spot to chill, especially at night.

Strands of lights don’t take up too much energy consumption. You can place them outside of your new space or string them around your seating fixtures.

6. Install a Sprinkler Controller

Keeping your lawn and garden watered every time can be stressful and time-consuming. But it’s essential to maintain a green and lush backyard to have a beautiful outdoor getaway.

That’s why I included this in my backyard ideas for a cheap makeover. Installing a WiFi sprinkler controller is a fast and easy way to handle this summertime chore easily.

  • You can set it to water your backyard for a specific time. So rest assured that your garden will look lush and gorgeous all summer long.
  • One really nice feature of the best WiFi sprinkler controller is that it also monitors your local weather patterns. If rain is in the forecast, the unit will power down and not water your lawn.
  • You can conveniently water your backyard with the convenience of your phone. You don’t need to go out in the garden to operate the sprinkler controller manually.

For many people, that feature alone is essential to have. Its what makes it a great investment than your existing sprinkler controller without smart WiFi controls.

7. Set the Mood With a Fire Pit

Those warm summer nights in your backyard are perfect for enjoying with friends and family. Few things bring them together, like having a good time around a fire pit.

You can buy a small portable fire pit. But if that’s too expensive, you can dig your own in the backyard for free. Just line it with larger rocks, and you’re ready to go.

You can make use of the fire pit the whole year. You can make it to a cozy spot by adding barbecue paraphernalia. It can serve as your outdoor kitchen.

If necessary, make sure you check with your local city or town board and see if you need any permits before installing a fire pit in your yard.

8. DIY Decorations For Your Backyard

There are different decorations you can make for your backyard. Of course, you can buy these readily available in shops. But there’s always the thrill to start a DIY project and the accomplishment you’ll feel when you see your work of art.

Here are some DIY decorations you can place on your outdoor space for a whole new makeover:

  • Turn a refurbished ladder to a mini garden where you can place your plant box. This a project that doesn’t require many materials. You can use a wood palate to place the pots and paint it with your favorite color. This is simple and inexpensive to make and can even be done in less than two hours.
  • Buy a pocket planter, fill it with plants, and dangle it over your outdoor wall or fence. This item is not inexpensive and will surely make a pretty decor.
  • A floating flower arrangement with candles is also a good idea for your garden.
  • You can build a bird or squirrel house and put it in your backyard. It can be a good idea to put these on a tree. You can use popsicle sticks or wood chips to do this DIY project with the kids.
  • A wood pallet hanging garden is also a nice detail for your garden space. Look for an old pallet, paint it if you like. Let it stand vertically and hang your pots on it.
  • You can landscape your outdoor area with backyard ideas such as stepping stones, lay concrete slabs, pavers, stone garden path, bricks, edging, cement flower pots, or planters.
  • You can have shade (like a canopy) on your outdoor deck to protect you from the sun.

9. Refurbish Old Furniture

You must have an area for seats so you can lounge on in your backyard or garden getaway. Here are some ideas that you can do:

  • If you have used but not abused chairs lying around, you can refurbish it and use it in your backyard. You can repaint the surface with your favorite color to give it a new look.
  • You can improvise if you don’t have old furniture. Outdoor pillows, DIY upcycled pallets, and hammocks all make excellent seating options.
  • You can also get an old dining or coffee table with added storage for books. So you can have romantic candlelight dinners on your deck.
  • A DIY day bed can also be an excellent idea to add to your outdoor patio.
  • If you can’t find a seat to upcycle, use a floor mat in the area and just enjoy an Indian seating position.

The key is always strategically placing the furniture in your patio or deck and make room so your guests can fit well. A big but crowded backyard cannot create a fun spot to chill with your family and friends. The fun bonding moment outdoors must be entertaining, not suffocating.

10. Try Aromatherapy

Do you have a particular scent that you love the smell of? Does it instantly make you sit back in relax?

If yes, you need to introduce aromatherapy to your backyard by planting herbs or sweet-smelling flowers. You can also use essential oils to relax and take your stress levels away.

This may not be a physical makeover for your backyard, but this is a big change when you want a relaxing vibe.

11. Invite Nature Into Your Backyard

Planting butterfly bushes, coral bells, or a tree can attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and birds into your backyard.

They also make the area smell fantastic and create a nice look.

You’ll be able to sit in your backyard and surround yourself with nature. Columbine, sage, lilac, aster, and bee balm are also excellent choices. They’ll add and create varying heights to the yard or garden as well.

Have Fun…

I hope you enjoyed these cheap backyard makeover ideas to help turn your dull outdoor space into a mini getaway. As you can see, these are easy makeover ideas you can do.

At the same time, you can enjoy the rewards right away.
By following these steps, you can stay home this summertime and still enjoy a semi-vacation right in your backyard.


[1] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/296695427_A_Technical_Review_of_Lawn_Mower_Technology

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