No matter how well you clean your home, you’ll most likely find some sort of pest sooner or later.

Critters can sneak in very small spaces and hide out in your home until you get a nasty surprise. Pests can be a year-round issue, so it’s important that you get a head start of fighting them.

Also, if they do manage to get inside, you want an easy way to help clean your home when they die so you can go about your day and have a clean and healthy home.

As your trusty companion, I’m here to give you a few of my favorite tips for how to control household pests to keep it clean all year round.

Let’s get to it!

Clean and Pick up Your Kitchen Each Night

At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is pick up the kitchen or sweep those crumbs off the counter and into the garbage can.

But, this is a very important routine to start because pests see those crumbs and food as a buffet.

If you remove the food source, the pests will move on.

So, before you go to bed every night, do a quick kitchen clean. Wash any dishes that are in the sink or rinse them off really well, put away any leftover food, wipe down the counters, and finish with a quick sweep of the floor.

Check Your Home Each Season

When the weather starts to turn cooler, small rodents like mice and squirrels start to look for warm areas to stay for the winter.

A squirrel can do massive damage to your walls, ceiling, and attic in a short amount of time, so you want to prevent as much damage as possible.

At the start of each season, do a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your home. You’re looking for cracks running in your foundation, open vents, ripped screens, loose shingles or siding, and more.

For example, a red squirrel only needs a hole the size of a quarter to fit through, so finding these holes and fixing them is extremely important.

Buy an Electronic Pest Repeller

A safe way to get rid of pests in your home all year long is to buy an electronic pest repeller. These devices safe to use around pets and children because there are no chemicals involved when you use them, and the noise frequency is too high for pets and kids to hear.

These repellers are really useful home gadgets and super simple to operate too.

All you do is plug them into your outlet, and they’ll emit a high-frequency sound that pests can’t handle. This confuses them and makes them unable to hunt, breed, or scurry around. You will need one for every room in your house, but they’ll drive the pests right out, and they work all year long! Take a look at my electronic pest control reviews to find out more.

Close Your Trash Bins Tightly

Your trash bins are a huge draw for bugs and larger furry pests alike. They’re especially attractive in the spring and fall months when they’re just coming out of hibernation or getting ready to go into hibernation.

Things like bugs, raccoons, rats, and mice are all looking for a free meal from your garbage.

These creatures can spread diseases like rabies, so it’s a safety issue as well as a health issue. Make sure that your trash bins are tightly sealed and stored away from your home.

Also, keep the area around the trash bins clean, and consider spraying them out every few weeks to get rid of stuck-on residue.

Trim Your Trees and Shrubbery

While shrubs and trees add height and look nice around your home, they provide a direct road for pests to travel on. You don’t have to get rid of them completely in order to help pest-proof your home.

Simply keeping these areas neat and trimmed can go a long way to preventing pests like ants, squirrels, and chipmunks from accessing your home. Have any overhanging branches trimmed away and cut back from around your home and your roof. You might want to double check each year and remove them as necessary.

Vacuum Weekly

A good way to help with unwanted pests is to vacuum your home once or twice a week.

If you have pests that did manage to get inside and then die, you want to vacuum them up. This is especially true if your pests are cockroaches because they present several health issues, even if they’re dead.

The best inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner is a great help to ensure that your home stays vacuumed and clean. You won’t have to add yet another thing to your to-do list, and you can take the time you would have spent vacuuming and use it doing something you enjoy like hanging out with your family or enjoying the weather.

Seal Your Pet Food

Pests like pet food just as much as they like human food, and it can attract them into your home.

If you have pets, it’s a good idea to consider putting your pet food into containers with a lid and picking it up between mealtimes. The pests will go away if they can’t get into it.

Pests are here to stay, but you don’t have to let them take over your home. These easy tips can help you have a healthy, clean, and pest-free home all year round.

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