Cleaning the whole house doesn’t have to be an all-day chore like you’re probably used to. There are a lot of things you can do to streamline the task and get the job done more quickly while still being effective.

Take a look at this guide and follow the five efficient tips you can get on how to clean your house much faster and more efficient.

Here, you can see the tools and products I recommend to help in the cleaning process.

5 Efficient Tips to Clean Your House Fast

1. Have a System

You might get to save your cleaning time in half just by having a system. What this means is setting up a routine of cleaning your house in the same order every time.

  • Start with the same room: Always start with the same rooms first, do the same chores in the same order. Also, set-up a timer on how many minutes you get to clean a particular area.
  • Start with your least favorite area: Start cleaning your least favorite part in the house and clean the easiest area last. If the bathroom is the least area you like to clean, then start with it. Since it’s also the part of the house that gets used often by the whole family, it needs more cleaning attention.
  • Prepare your cleaning materials: Make sure to prepare the right bathroom cleaning materials and tools first. To make it organized, you can place all your cleaning supplies under the sink.
  • Top to bottom: Make sure to hit these annoying areas of the home first and clean them while your motivation is high. One of the tricks suggested is to have a system to work from top to bottom. Never start low and go high when it comes to cleaning. This is often counterproductive and might make every task even harder. If you can, begin to clean hard-to-reach glass windows.

Like with any task you do in life, a routine eventually becomes second nature, and the more you do it right, the faster you get.

After a few years, cleaning will be quick and will be a way of life, not a tedious task.

2. Collect the Clutter First

collect the clutter

Before you get to really start to do any dusting, wiping or vacuuming, make sure to grab a basket, roam the room, clear any clutter, move misaligned furniture, and put away any dirt.

If you clear any mess first, it will also give you the chance to pick up any trash. If you have kids, toys will be the greatest challenge.

Trying to clean a cluttered room (and around things) makes even the simplest task take much longer to do. Collecting the clutter first will be around 10 minutes or less.

But if you do not pick up clutter first and proceed with the process (let’s say vacuuming), you will often end up wasting 30 minutes or more in picking up things and putting them away.

3. Skip Dry Dusting and Go With a Damp Rag

As you dry dust a room, the dust gets scattered everywhere and lands on surfaces it might not have even been on in the first place.

This causes a lot of people to dust and re-dust all over again. A quick and smarter method to dust really well is with a damp rag or cloth.

Microfiber is often the recommended fabric to clean dust and dirt. As you wipe surfaces down, the dust collects on the cloth and doesn’t float all over the room. [1]

You can get most surfaces squeaky clean with just a few passes of the hand.

4. Vacuum the Smart Way

If you have an upright vacuum, a quick way to clean the floor is to approach it like you’re cutting grass.

Instead of moving the vacuum back and forth, and attacking small patches all at one time, you need to do the entire length of the room in one straight row.

The smarter and most efficient method to vacuum, however, is by using a robot vac cleaner. If you don’t have a robo vac, now is the time to consider the need to invest in these tools.

This device helps the whole cleaning process so much quicker in cleaning dirt. It is well estimated that around 20-30 minutes of cleaning time is saved using a robot vacuum.

The beauty of owning a robot vacuum is that once you’re finished decluttering, sweeping dirt, and wiping down a room, you can send the robot vacuum to finish the rest of the job for you. It’s easier and quicker that way.

If you’d love to cut your cleaning time down even more, without spending a fortune doing so, take a look at my reviews and buying guide of the cheapest robot vacuums you can buy on the market.

5. Do a Little Cleaning Every Day

organizing things

The best advice you might want to follow is to try to keep it as clean as possible, moving forward. The easiest method is by doing 10-15 minutes of cleaning time every day.

  • CLAYGO: If you practiced the simple habit of CLAYGO (Clean As You Go) for years, a little surface cleaning every day shouldn’t be a problem. If you clear the clutter and wipe down surfaces as soon as you notice they’re dirty, or run your new robot vacuum on a daily (or weekly) basis, you won’t have to spend nearly the same amount of time cleaning in the future.
  • Delegate chores: This is where your family can give you a hand. One of the simple tricks I do is to assign a household chore for each family member. This will also teach responsibility for the kids.
  • Keep the kitchen clean: A light cleaning in the kitchen after you cook or wash dishes is advisable whenever needed. As you know, the kitchen is where insects and pests like to feast because it is where the food is located. So it is best to maintain your kitchen as clean as possible. Don’t forget to clean the insides of the microwave and dishwasher too.
  • Clean floors: Don’t forget to sweep and mop the floor. Foods may have dropped on the floor and may attract insects. If you mop the floor every day, you won’t need to worry about these pests infesting your home.
  • Everyday Cleaning Solutions: You can spray all-purpose cleaners on the surface of countertops, kitchen sink, and the dining table so you won’t attract ants. If you don’t have all-purpose cleaning products, you can spray water and dish washing soap solution.

If you need a device to help your cleaning become simple and quicker, you may consider a touchless trash can.

To find out how convenient and affordable these bins are, take a look at my review of the best automatic trash can you can buy.

Bottom Line:

The positive side and benefit of keeping a clean house are that you won’t have to deal with pests or rodents in your home.

Another good idea to prevent this without feeling the added pressure of cleaning every day is by investing in the best electronic pest repeller device for your home.

I hope these cleaning tips helped you, so the next time you clean your house, you will be quicker and more efficient.

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