If cleaning the house is something you dread, you’re not alone.

I dislike cleaning too.

However, it doesn’t have to be an all-day chore like you’re probably used to. There are actually a lot of things you can do to streamline the task and get the job done more quickly while still being effective.

As your trusty companion, I’ve put together a list of my top tips for how to clean a house fast and efficiently so you can get to the other things you’d rather be doing with your time.

Here they are in proper order.

Have a system

You can cut your cleaning time in half just by having a system.

What this means is setting up a routine of cleaning your house in the same order every time. Always start with the same room of the home first, do the same chores in the same order, etc.

Like with any task you do in life, a routine eventually becomes second nature, and the more you do it the faster you get.

Keep your supplies with you

Any speed cleaning expert will tell you that one of the biggest secrets for how to clean a house fast and properly is by keeping your supplies within arms reach.

Having to hunt down cleaning supplies for each chore you tackle wastes a lot of valuable time.

By investing in a bucket or cleaning caddy and keeping all of your supplies in one spot, you’ll know where everything is and have quick access to the tools you need as you got from room to room.

Start with your least favorite room

We all have that one room or two in the house that we hate to clean. And putting it off until the last minute slows you down more than you can imagine.

So, hit these annoying areas of the home first and clean them while your motivation is high. Once they’re done, you’ll have plenty of steam left to tackle the other area rooms of your home without procrastinating.

Collect the clutter first

Before you start to do any dusting, wiping or vacuuming, grab a basket and go around the room and toss things in it that don’t belong. Doing this will make it faster for you to do those other chores.

Trying to clean a cluttered room (and around things) makes even the simplest task take much longer to do.

Work from top to bottom

Never start low and go high when it comes to cleaning. This is counterproductive and makes every job harder.

For example, if you dust your coffee table and then realize you forgot to wipe down the blinds, and then go back and do it, much of the dust may end up recovering the table’s surface. That leads to a lot of redundant work.

If you want to clean as fast as possible, always start at the highest point in a room and work your way down. Any dust or debris that falls on lower surfaces while you’re cleaning will get handled in the next pass.

Don’t clean everything in sight

When you set out to clean a room you may be tempted to clean everything in sight. If your goal is to speed clean then this is extremely inefficient.

Unless your home is a complete disaster you can get away with only cleaning the things that are necessary and not wiping down every single surface.

Think strategically before you whip out your supplies. Ask yourself, does anyone ever touch this object or get up close to it enough to notice that it hasn’t been dusted? If the answer is no, skip it.

Focus only on the areas that get the most foot traffic and use.

Skip dry dusting and go with a damp rag

I’m not sure why so many people still use feather dusters to clean their homes but they’re notorious for making the job take longer.

As you dry dust a room, dust gets scattered everywhere and lands on surfaces it may not have even been on in the first place. This causes a lot of people to have to dust and re-dust all over again.

A smarter way to dust is by using a damp rag. Microfiber is the best. As you wipe surfaces down, the dust collects on the rag and doesn’t float all over the room. You can get most surfaces squeaky clean with just a few passes of the hand.

Vacuum the smart way

If you have an upright vacuum, the most efficient way to vacuum a floor is to approach it like you’re cutting grass.

Instead of moving the vacuum back and forth, and attacking small patches of the floor at one time, do the entire length of the room in one straight row. Then, move over just enough to where you’re not hitting the same path you just cleaned and vacuum back towards the other wall.

Vacuuming in long rows in one pass will get the job done a whole lot faster.

The smarter and most efficient way to vacuum, however, is by using a robot vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have a robo vac, now is the time to consider investing in one. This device makes the whole cleaning process so much quicker and you don’t have to lift a finger!

The beauty of own a robot vacuum is that once you’re done decluttering and wiping down a room, you can send the robot in to finish the rest of the job for you. Then, instead of spending 10-20 minutes or more vacuuming each room, you can walk away and use that time doing other fun things.

You may be familiar with the name “Roomba” which is the most popular robot vacuum that’s out there right now, however, these devices are the very expensive and cost between $400 to $800.

What you may not know is that there are many affordable robot vacs that are a lot cheaper, offer similar features and are just as reliable as the Roomba. Some are as low as $99!

If you’d love to cut your cleaning time down even more, without spending a fortune doing so, take a look at my reviews of the cheapest robot vacuums on the market. You’ll be happy that you did!

Do a little cleaning every day

Once you go through the process of speed cleaning your entire house, the best advice you can follow is to try to keep it as clean as possible moving forward.

The easiest way to do that is by doing a little cleaning every day to tidy up.

By staying on top of the clutter, wiping down surfaces as soon as you notice they’re dirty and running your new robot vacuum on a daily (or weekly) basis, you won’t have to spend nearly the same amount of time cleaning in the future.

Another thing worth mentioning that can make your cleaning go much faster, and it’s just a great device to have in your kitchen, is a touchless trash can. These garbage bins lift their lid automatically when they sense that your hand is near.

This is great when you’re trying to speed through the house to get your cleaning done and just want to pop things in the trash real quick. To find out how convenient and affordable these bins are, take a look at my review of the best automatic trash can you can buy.

A nice side benefit

A great side benefit to investing time and effort into daily cleaning is that you won’t see as many pests or rodents in your home. These critters love to feed off of food bits that land on the floor and if you don’t clean them up regularly the pests may take up root inside your house.

A good way to prevent this without feeling the added pressure to keep your home spotless is by investing in an electronic pest repeller. These cheap devices plug into your outlet and emit an ultrasonic sound that drives insects and vermin away. You can find the best electronic pest repeller device for your home in my free handy guide.

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