Aside from beach trips, another thing we can look forward to during the summer is the electric bill. The sizzling summertime heat makes us want to use air conditioning more.

There are ways on how to lower energy consumption, and that’s good news. I have a couple of tricks I like to share with you on how to cut down costs with the energy costs in your home.

These seven tips do not require too much effort and can be done by anyone. I am certain you can learn from these ways on how to save electricity.

7 Tips To Save Electricity During Summertime

1. Install a Thermostat

There are two kinds of this product: the smart and programmable thermostat. If you already have a programmable thermostat, you might be convinced to upgrade it into a smart one after reading this post.

You may have heard of smart thermostats, but not much information on how it works and how it increases efficiency. Let me explain how they can be useful in your home technology for the whole year.

These products are sleek, smart, plus it can be helpful to conserve energy costs in your home. Here are some reasons why using a smart thermostat can be helpful to lower the costs of your electricity during the hot summertime:

  • Remote Access: Since these products can be accessed using your mobile phone, you can make temperature adjustments or ON/OFF the air conditioner. In this way, the potential savings the whole year can be huge because you can conveniently fiddle with the thermostat even when you’re not physically around.
  • Tracking of Energy Consumption: With the monthly reports and tracking of energy bill and usage, also the average temperature you’re using. You can receive a notification on your smartphone if you’ve exceeded your monthly energy consumption. In this way, it’s energy-efficient, and you’ll know when to minimize the use of the AC.

There are a lot of smart thermostats available in the market now, but you’ll prefer to get the energy-efficient product and the best out of your money. You better check out the affordable and nifty smart thermostat review that I made.

2. Turn Off The Air Conditioner

turning off the air conditioner

Sure it’s convenient to have a smart thermostat because you can conveniently operate the AC remotely even when you’re away. But if you don’t have one yet, be mindful and switch off the AC when it’s not needed.

Everyone knows that heating and cooling appliances contribute to increased energy consumption and higher utility bills. [1] The HVAC system includes the heater and AC, and they require plenty of power to run.

This is according to many consumer reviews, and of course, according to my personal experience. It’s expected that the air conditioner will work more during summertime, and energy usage will increase.

You can cut back on your AC use and lower the utility bill by following these steps:

  • Switch on the AC for two hours when you come home.
  • Switch off the air conditioning and use fans instead.
  • Turn it on after lunch, where most of the family members take and nap and the hottest hours.
  • Turn on again two hours before bedtime, do not come out of the room, do not open the door, close all the windows, and use two fans (if you please) for the rest of the night.
  • When you get out of the house, see to it that you go around and unplug the AC and other appliances as well.

With these easy steps, there will be less energy cost, and it can help lower your electricity rates.

3. Check Your Home Insulation

Insulation is not just to protect you from cool winter months, and it’s there to reduce your home’s humidity during the summertime too.

That’s why it’s important to check on your insulation to reduce your monthly electric bill. Here’s what you can do:

  • Check for any damage on your insulation: So it is best to check the insulation around your house and find any leakage, little holes, cracks or openings.
  • Just like opening the windows: An opening in your insulation is as good as opening the windows and allowing the humid air to enter, the hot air enters through the windows, and it feels like an oven indoors.
  • A little damage can go a long way: The humid air going indoors can seep through cracks and little openings. The temperature inside your house increases that eventually, you’ll decide to switch on the air conditioning again.
  • Repair cracks and holes: If you can see cracks or holes in your insulation, you can do some easy DIY air sealing techniques (through simple caulking and weather stripping). You can do these repairs without breaking the bank because the materials doesn’t cost that much.

Aside from checking the insulation of your house, you can have a cooler temperature inside your home by having one of those cheap dehumidifiers. In my guided review, you will learn the features a dehumidifier offers. You can check if it’s effective and if it’s something you can buy for your home.

In the long run, you’ll notice that the heat in your house will be tolerable compared before without the dehumidifier. This will be helpful for you to save on your energy bill too.

4. Routinely Clean Your Air Conditioning

I’m certain you’re already aware of this, but I’d like to remind you why it’s energy-efficient and how it can help reduce your electric bill. Let me explain the rationale.

  • Clean and change the air filters: It is recommended to keep the air conditioning units regularly clean for them to function well. You also need to change its air filters regularly. It is best to try to clean the filters at least once per month.
  • Better performance: Cleaning your AC will help keep the unit work properly for more extended periods. The performance of a clean AC is at its maximum peak.
  • It’s cold even it’s in low settings: If it performs well you’ll appreciate that it’s cooler indoors when the unit is set on low cool. You can save money on your electricity or power bills if your AC functions well.

If your AC is not cleaned as it should be, even when it’s set on high cool, it’ll still feel warm indoors. This means increased energy bill for the month because you’re not getting the maximum performance of your air conditioner.

5. Wear Lighter Clothes

summer clothes

Summer clothes consist of short dresses, skimpy shorts, tank tops, and more. These clothes are designed not just for fashion, but for comfort.

So it is suggested that you wear lighter clothes during summer months so you’ll feel fresh all day long. You can wear clothes with fewer sleeves, have thin fabric, and light colors.

Wearing otherwise (long sleeves, thick fabric and dark colors) will be uncomfortable and you’ll just sweat all day long. If it’s 130 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll only be tempted to turn the air conditioning the whole day, thus will increase your energy consumption.

That’s why wearing comfortable clothes during the summer month will turn down your temptation of turning on the air conditioner and can help reduce the monthly energy consumption.

6. Update Your Bulbs

If you still have the traditional incandescent bulbs, maybe it’s time to replace them and update to LED bulbs. These bulbs are also known as energy-saving light bulbs, and that’s true. The traditional ones consume a lot of energy, almost three times that of the LED.

LEDs have longer lifespans as compared to the incandescent bulbs. So you don’t need to replace them from time to time. In the long run, it can help you save money.

That’s why you can see LED lights used commercially and in government properties. Since it is more efficient in saving energy.

With the combination of it’s long lifespan and it requires less energy this is a good choice. That’s why if you want to save energy on your electricity bills, leave the traditional ones behind and consider to get the LED light bulbs.

7. Keep Cool

house facade

There are other ways to keep cool during the summertime and will resist your urge to use the AC. These ways also promote energy efficiency and are closer to nature.

  • Fan: Using a ceiling fan for instance could be a big help for conserving energy. The idea is simple, you can use the air conditioner for one hour, close the doors and blinds, then use the ceiling fan. The room’s temperature can stay cool for at least the next three hours. Or better yet, do not use the air conditioner and just use the fan. This is a good habit to help you save energy during summertime.
  • Open the window: If the temperature outside is tolerable and at the same time windy, just take advantage of the windy day and open your windows. Get fresh air by opening every window or sliding door in your home. Allow nature to help you save you money and use up less energy.
  • Drink cold water: It may not be the conventional trick of cooling yourself, but notice that after your drink a cold water, you’ll feel refreshed. Being refreshed even for a short amount of time can also be a great way to help you save money with the electric bill this summer.
  • Big tree: Put it this way, big trees are nature’s umbrella during the summer. If you have big trees in your yard, you must understand what I’m talking about. The shade of the tree absorbs the heat of the sun. So it’ll be less humid inside your home. That’s why if you stand outside with a tree nearby, it is cooler, as compared to having none. It also helps if your plant it near your window.


Follow these easy ways on conserving energy and don’t let high power utility rates ruin your summer. Save your time and energy to enjoy the sizzling heat of the sun, not the stress of expensive bills.

Spend your time with friends and family and sip refreshing beverages all summer long. Speaking of refreshing beverages, you might like to invest in a new beverage cooler for your house. Perfect during the summer and something you can put in the man cave or anywhere in your home.


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