We’ve spent the past 6 months reviewing every SkyBell video doorbell along with many other video doorbells on the market today.

The competition is fierce, but SkyBell has positioned itself at the top.

We’ll examine their popular flagship models, SkyBell HD vs SkyBell Trim Plus, to see which is the best option for you.

SkyBell HD vs SkyBell Trim Plus Key Features

Both the SkyBell HD and SkyBell Trim Plus doorbells offer several similar features to ensure safety, especially at night. The critical difference between the two smart doorbells is the design.

The SkyBell HD model is a bit larger and has a circular shape feature that can limit where you can place the security video doorbell. SkyBell Trim Plus product, on the other hand, is designed more like a traditional doorbell product, making it easier when you replace your existing doorbell.

Both SkyBell HD and SkyBell Trim offer motion detection sensor technology features; however, the SkyBell Trim Plus provides higher motion alert sensitivity control. The Trim Plus, SkyBell’s newer smart model, has a full color quality of 1920 x 1080p HD.

While both SkyBell HD and SkyBell Trim Plus doorbells are good, the SkyBell Trim Plus is our choice as the better product of the two.

SkyBell HD

  • 1080P Color Video Camera
  • Activity History
  • Round Shape

SkyBell Trim Plus

  • Can withstand bad weather
  • 2-way audio
  • Slim design

In-Depth Comparison


Ease of Use for SkyBell HD & SkyBell Trim Plus

Both the SkyBell HD and the SkyBell Trim Plus smart security doorbells deliver similar features in terms of ease of use. They both work with the SkyBell video monitoring app, so you get to check the doorbell remotely, mainly at night.

Each one also works using WiFi, so there is no need for a monthly WiFi subscription. The Trim comes out slightly ahead of SkyBell HD in terms of ease of use only because the shape of the unit makes it easier to set up.

Winner: Trim Plus

Frames Per Second

The SkyBell HD offers the best detail when it comes to Frames Per Second (FPS). The FPS is the number of frames, or single images, that a camera can capture in a single second (1). The higher the FPS, the more smooth the video and image will appear.

SkyBell HD video records at 30 FPS while the SkyBell Trim Plus records at 15 FPS, which means the SkyBell HD model is the one with a cleaner video, even at night. In our review of both doorbells, we didn’t find this to be an issue.

Winner: SkyBell HD

Video Quality of SkyBell HD & SkyBell Trim

Both SkyBell WiFi doorbells have high definition video resolution, which means they record in 1080p (2). We found the video resolution to be extremely clear during our testing of the two cameras.

Because of the difference in the Frames Per Second, the quality of SkyBell HD is better than Trim Plus.

Winner: Skybell HD

Night Vision & Zoom

Both video doorbell cameras have full color night vision video features. With other digital smart doorbell camera brands and products, night vision footage can be grainy.

Both the SkyBell HD video doorbell and the SkyBell Trim Plus have 5x zoom features. This, combined with the full color night vision camera, is enough for you to get an extremely clear close up regardless of the time of day. You can monitor this when you connect to the SkyBell app system.

Winner: Tie

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HD & Trim Audio

SkyBell offers two-way audio in both HD and Trim Plus doorbell camera devices. With two-way audio, you get to quickly respond to a doorbell chime even if you aren’t at the house. This can come in handy when dealing with a person you don’t want to open the door for.

During our testing, we found the two-way audio to be clear to hear and understand. This feature will work in all weather conditions, including rain and windy conditions.

Winner: Tie

Price Point

holding a pen

The SkyBell Trim Plus comes in at a better price point than the SkyBell HD model. It also comes in at a much better price point than other home security video doorbells. SkyBell video doorbells can vary in cost depending on which home security systems provider you purchase from.

Alarm.com, for example, has slightly different rates from Honeywell and other smart home security providers. The costs for SkyBell wireless video doorbells are usually as follows:

Motion Sensor

Both the SkyBell HD and the SkyBell Trim Plus doorbells have built-in motion sensor technology. During our motion sensor testing, we found that the Trim worked a bit better than the other one. The reason for this was that we received fewer motion warnings in the SkyBell app system from things like dogs and people walking in front of the testing site.

The SkyBell HD was overly sensitive, which caused many false alarms. False motion alarms are a significant issue with home security equipment and can lead to desensitization to alerts and notifications (3).

Winner: Trim Plus

SkyBell HD or Trim Installation?

When it comes to the SkyBell HD vs SkyBell Trim Plus, the latter product is the winner. It is shaped more like a traditional doorbell making the installation process more manageable. You get to swap out your old doorbell and insert your new video doorbell without rearranging the wiring.

The SkyBell HD has a round shape making the places you can set it up limited. With many homes, the area the video doorbell is currently positioned is likely between the front door frame and a corner. Therefore, with the high definition version, you may need to cut a hole and drop new wiring in another location.

Winner: Trim Plus

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Field of View

Both SkyBell HD and Trim video doorbell camera devices work on a full 180-degree field of view. This means you can view everything in front of the camera running from side to side, day or night. Your actual range may be impacted by the way your home is structured.

If, for example, your main door is surrounded by walls on either side, your field of view will be more restricted than if the door is flushed against the front of the home. You will need to consider this when setting up your SkyBell video doorbells to ensure you get the best and full range, especially at nighttime.

Winner: Tie

SkyBell HD & Trim Plus Doorbell Accessories

Two main accessories come with both video doorbells. The first product is a wedge that allows you to angle your doorbell to place it more steadily. This is helpful if your home has siding or other angular slats that may direct the video upwards. The wedge will provide a flat surface so that your doorbell is balanced. SkyBell also offers a digital doorbell adapter that lets you use your traditional chime.

Winner: Tie

Mobile App


One other feature that both smart doorbells utilize is the SkyBell app. This will let you check all aspects of your doorbell, including the zoom feature. You can also set the unit into “silent mode,” which will turn off the indoor chime and instead only send messages to your phone.

When you connect to the app, this product lets you access free cloud storage to see any video recording saved in the past seven days, free of charge. During these seven days, you can download any video you need and save on either your smartphone device or an external hard drive for later viewing and archiving.

Winner: Tie

Look & Feel

This is where the most significant differences occur between SkyBell HD vs SkyBell Trim Plus doorbells. The SkyBell HD has a circular design resembling a puck. The SkyBell Trim Plus has a look similar to a traditional one and more like other doorbell camera products such as the Ring Doorbell Pro.

We found the circular shape of the HD video device difficult to work with during installation, and we had to rewire the main door for testing. For this reason, the Trim product has the advantage when it comes to design.

Winner: Trim Plus

“I love this camera. For so long I thought I would install a Ring but found this when looking for a slim form. It was easily installed where the old doorbell was and works perfectly with ZERO monthly fees. I can change the LED color to whatever I want. The video quality is impeccable and the audio is good.”

- Sonya, Verified SkyBell Trim Customer

SkyBell HD vs SkyBell Trim Plus: The Verdict

The bottom line is that both SkyBell HD and SkyBell Trim Plus doorbells work in incredibly similar manners. So, it comes down to two key differences, Frames Per Second and design.

After extensive testing of both, we found the SkyBell Trim Plus to be the better option. The HD model is awkwardly shaped, which can make it more challenging to set up.

While the HD does have a better FPS rate, both offer advanced video quality with similar features like full color night vision.

We think the easier installation from the improved design of the SkyBell Trim Plus far outweighs the extra 15 FPS you get with the SkyBell HD.

SkyBell Trim Plus

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Silent mode
  • More resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to install
  • Improved motion sensitivity
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