If we’re being honest, most single men don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen. Maybe you’re one of them?

Sure, you may know how to make a bowl of ramen, fry an egg or whip up a hearty sandwich but anything that makes use of the oven or stove can be intimidating.

As your trusty companion, I’m here to show what the best kitchen appliances for bachelors are that can help step up your food game. That way, when you’re trying to impress a girl or just entertain the guys, you’ll have everything you need to bring out your inner chef.

Beverage refrigerator

This is easily one of the best home appliances for bachelors.

Having a beverage refrigerator is a good idea because it can keep your craft brews, sports drinks or sodas at a much cooler temperature than a standard fridge.

Recently, I did a full review of the cheapest and best beverage coolers available. Take a look at that page to see what options are available.

Toaster oven

If you already have a two-slice bread toaster, you may want to toss it.

A toaster oven is a better home appliance to have because it can do so much more. It lets you toast, bake, roast, and reheat all sorts of food, not just bread.

Plus, many of them don’t take up much more space than a stand-alone toaster. So go ahead and get one for your kitchen.

Pizza oven

What man doesn’t love pizza?

It’s no wonder why a pizza oven tops the list for cool appliances for guys. With this handy device, you can cook pizza quickly without waiting for an oven to preheat. And there’s no extra pan to clean up.

Talk about a time saver!

Pizza stone

Perhaps you don’t want to invest in a pizza oven or don’t have much room for one on your countertops. If that’s the case, a pizza stone will become your new best friend in the kitchen.

A pizza stone is good to have because it spreads the heat evenly on the bottom of the pizza. This creates an evenly crispy crust and melted cheese.

Once you try one, you’ll never dare bake a pizza in the oven without it again.

This gadget isn’t just restricted to pizza either. It’s also great for baking other things like chicken, veggies, bread, cookies, and more.

Waffle maker

Did you love eating waffles as a kid?

I sure did!

And so did every other man and woman when they were young too.

But let’s face it, there’s no comparison to a frozen waffle and the real thing made from fresh batter. However, the latter often requires a lot of clean up.

If you have a waffle maker, on the other hand, it’s not much work. Just pour in the batter, let it do its thing, and voila – freshly baked waffles in no time!

Now just imagine how impressed your guests will be the next morning when you whip up a batch of delicious home cooked waffles from scratch!

Espresso machine

Do you brew a fresh pot of coffee every morning or stop at a coffee shop on the way to work?

If so, you should consider investing in a cheap espresso machine. Not only is the flavor much better but you can also brew up all sorts of different caffeinated beverages.

It also saves you a ton of money over the cost of buying a daily coffee from the shop.

There are many types of espresso machines to choose from and prices range from $80 up to $1,000 or more. But you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a great tasting espresso. You can find the best budget espresso machine here as well as four great alternatives.

Hamburger press

While this isn’t technically an appliance, it is something every bachelor should have in his kitchen.

A hamburger press allows you to make stuff hamburgers without much effort. All you do is press the meat into the two halves of the device, put some cheese, bacon, or other stuffing on top, and then mash it together.

The end result is a stuffed patty that’s ready to be grilled and won’t fall apart!

Electric kettle

Do you like to make soups, teas, and other things that require hot water?

Having to watch over a pot on the stove can be a real pain, plus it’s one extra dish you have to clean up.

Having an electric kettle is a much better option because you can just plug it in, walk away, and return to a hot pot of water that’s ready to use. Also, since an electric kettle can be plugged in anywhere, you aren’t restricted to just using it in the kitchen. You can take it anywhere in the house, or even outside if you’d like.

Electric food steamer

Steaming your food is one of the healthiest ways to prepare it. The process retains more nutrients than stir-frying or baking in the oven.

Some electric food steamers also come with multi-level compartments. This allows you to set up different types of food in each compartment and steam each one at its own temperature and length of time.

Having an electric food steamer will allow you to prepare a well-balanced meal at the touch of a button, and with zero labor in the cooking process.

Ultrasonic pest repeller

There’s one downside to doing a lot of cooking at home, and that is attracting bugs and rodents.

The more you cook, the more chances there are for food bits to collect on the counters and floors. And if you’re not a diligent cleaner, this can create an infestation of bugs in your home.

To keep bugs and vermin away without having to hire a pest control company, you can set up an ultrasonic pest repeller in your kitchen.

This inexpensive device sends out ultrasonic sounds waves that pests can’t stand. These sounds are inaudible to humans but work wonders to keep your home a pest-free zone.

You can find the best electronic pest control devices here to use just for your kitchen or buy a few for the whole house. This is much cheaper than hiring an exterminator and helps keep pests away between your house cleanings.

Automatic touchless trash can

With all of the cooking you’ll be doing with your new kitchen gadgets, you may want to invest in a touchless trash can. These automatic trash cans open the lid with the wave of a hand.

I probably don’t have to explain all of the benefits you get from having a device like this in your kitchen, so go ahead and take a look at my recommendation for the best automatic trash can if this perks your interest.

As a bachelor, you don’t need a lot of stuff cluttering up your house to be happy but investing in a few key kitchen appliances can go a long way to improving your daily life.

Hopefully, these ideas have helped you think outside of the box about what cool gadgets you can get for your home. For even more ideas take a look at my other home electronic gadgets you can have a lot of fun with throughout the year.

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