These days, it’s practically essential for every man to have his own man cave.

Having a personal space you can call your own is important no matter how old you are. Plus, a man cave is the one place inside your home that you can express your true self without anyone else interfering.

A man cave is also a spot where you can enjoy things like watching sports with your friends, playing a competitive round of cards, shooting a friendly game of pool, and doing other stuff men like to do to with each other.

However, if you’re reading this post, you’re probably wondering, “What to put in a man cave?”

Perhaps you’re just starting out creating your own room and want to know what the ultimate man cave essentials are that you should include.

If so, this post will help.

As your trusty companion, I’ve rounded up a list of the top 10 things EVERY man cave needs. If you include these items, your man cave will have all of the essentials that make up 99% of man caves out there.

Once you have this solid base, then you can go wild adding other things to really make it match your personality and taste.

Top 10 Ultimate Man Cave Essentials

1.Beverage Refrigerator

One of the main purposes of having a man cave is so you can have everything you need in one spot. And this means not having to go upstairs or down the hall to the kitchen to get your favorite ice cold beverage.

A beverage refrigerator is a must-have item for every man cave.

This handy cooler is essential if you want to be truly comfortable in your own room.  Plus, most beverage refrigerators allow you to stock between 60 to 120 cans of ice cold beer and sodas so you’re well prepared for when your friends come over.

You can find my review of the best beverage refrigerator here as well as four other top options.

2. Personalized Signage

Make your man cave one-of-a-kind by declaring it on a personalized man cave rules sign. This signage can serve as a fun and friendly reminder of whose man cave this really is, as well as that you’re all here to relax and have fun.

You can buy a pre-made sign or custom design your own.

Some popular rules include:

  1. My cave, my rules
  2. No sitting in my chair
  3. Keep your hands off the remote
  4. Toilet seat stays up
  5. Dogs always welcome
  6. Women allowed by invitation only
  7. Beer is the official beverage of cave dwellers
  8. Swearing is permitted and encourages
  9. No complaints, no issues
  10. Any objections, see rule #1

3. Massage Recliner

Whether you plan to make your man cave an exclusive place just for yourself or if you want to turn it into a party spot to hang with friends, one thing is vital—a comfortable recliner that only YOU can sit in.

If you’re going to go to the effort of building a man cave you should also spend a little extra money on a high-quality massage recliner. That way you can get the full-blown relaxation experience every time you step foot into the space.

You can find my review of the best massage recliners here and see for yourself how nice they can be. You don’t have to buy an expensive one and many cheaper models offer a lot of the same perks as more expensive options without breaking the bank.

4. Additional Seating

Although your recliner is great for you, you’ll want additional seating for your friends or family when they come to visit.

Theater seating is an excellent option if you have the room for it. It’s comfortable, spacious, and is the best set up for entertainment.

5. Team Memorabilia

Maybe you root for a certain sports team? If so, you should show your team pride all year round in your man cave.

There are hundreds of team memorabilia options available that allow you to deck out your man cave from floor to ceiling. For example, you can get an area rug, throw blankets, pillows, or signage and drench your man cave in your chosen team’s colors.

Go as big as you want. It’s your cave.

6. Gaming Area

Do you like to play Xbox or PlayStation?

How about engaging in pool tournaments, foosball, or ping pong with your friends?

Maybe you like to host poker nights or play a friendly round of darts?

Either way, designating an area of your man cave as the gaming area gives you a gathering place to entertain your friends every time they come over.

So, pick a spot, and deck it out with all of the gaming essentials you need.

7. Wine Rack

Maybe you want something a little more refined for when you sit back and relax. Or perhaps you’re a bachelor and want to keep some wine on hand for when you do invite over a special lady.

Having a wine rack is a great way to give yourself a bigger beverage selection and be prepared for those intimate nights with the opposite sex.

It also adds a sophisticated touch that doesn’t take up a lot of excess room.

If you’re single, this is one of the ultimate man cave essentials you can invest in.

8. Classic Movie Posters

Movie posters are a fun and fast way to add conversation pieces to your man cave.

Maybe you’re a big fan of the Scarface or the Godfather. Maybe you like the grittier Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction.

Either way, movie posters are an excellent way to decorate your man cave and inspire conversations.

9. Mood Lighting

Having light fixtures that you can dim on command is a great way to set the mood for relaxing and unwinding. You can also have additional themed lighting around your gaming area to help tie the whole room together.

Both big and small light fixtures work well for this task. Be creative.

10. Big Screen TV

Clearly, no man cave would be complete without a big screen TV.

Bigger is always better, in my opinion, and these days you can even find TVs by Samsung that blend into your wall when they’re not in use.

How cool is that?

That’s it!

What to put in a man cave? Now you know 10 items that are ultimate man cave essentials. You can now buy with confidence and get everything you need to set up a fun and relaxing environment that you never want to leave!

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