One decision to make when looking at security systems is whether to go local. Most cities have local providers, but if you decide to move, you can get stuck. We reviewed EMC Home Security, a metro Atlanta company, to see if they are a good local provider and provide an alternative for non-Georgia residents.

What Is EMC Security?

EMC Security provides security solutions to households and businesses in the state of Georgia. They have been around for 22 years and are one of a few no-contract companies competing with some of the longer contract home security companies in the area.

The company offers different packages from basic home security systems to video surveillance and monitoring service. EMC Security also offers smart-home automation options to give you more control over your home.

  • No security monitoring contract
  • Low-cost monthly monitoring
  • Professional or DIY installation options
  • Smart-home technology available
  • Some complaints about customer service
  • Customer complaints about fees
  • User complaints that alarm goes off randomly
  • Some user complaints of slow response time


You can select from three different basic packages or completely customize your home security system. All of the packages include the basics you would expect from a home security system, including a control unit and door and window sensors.

Each of the packages provides you with access to the companies cell phone app for added convenience. When compared to many of the other companies we’ve reviewed, such as Safetouch or Simplisafe, their packages are average.

Their equipment is up to date, which is nice, but there is nothing that stands out for what you are getting. You also don’t get security cameras unless you add them extra to build your package, which is a letdown. The three packages the company offers are:

  1. Connect+ Fundamentals
  2. Connect+ Touchpad
  3. Connect+ Build Your Own


You can pick and choose what security equipment you want with the build your package. The fundamentals and touchpad package comes with all the usual. Here’s a breakdown of what you get with each package:

Connect+ Fundamentals Connect+ Touchpad Connect+ Build Your Own
Base Station Base Station Base Station
Portable Keypad Color Touchscreen Keypad Color Touchscreen Keypad
Two Entry Sensors Three Entry Sensors Two Entry Sensors (can add extra)
One Motion Detector One Motion Detector Motion Detectors (can add extra)
- - Glass Break Sensor (extra)
- - Smoke Detector (extra)
- - Indoor Camera (extra)
- - Outdoor Camera (extra)
- - Doorbell Alarm (extra)


The price you pay will differ depending on whether you have your security system or if you purchase one from EMC. You will also pay extra if you need a professional install versus if you decide to install the system yourself. The fees are subject to change in the future, but as of now they are:

  • Monthly Monitoring Fee - starts at $16.95
  • Connect+ Fundamentals Package - $179.00
  • Connect+ Touchpad - $199.00
  • Connect+ Build Your Own - starts at $99
  • Medical Alert - $129 to $229 plus between $19.99 and $39 each month

Security App

The company has a mobile app allowing you to control your home’s security systems. EMC provides access to the app with each package.

Using the app, you can arm and disarm the alarm system and have access control to the other essential functions. The app allows you to set alarms at certain times of the day, such as when your children return home from school for if visitors are expected to ensure your family safety.

“Good job on install and orientation. Then had a problem with internet connection. It took two technician visits and a bunch of time but did solve it.”

- Jeff, Verified Google Reviewer

Warranty Information

One thing to note is that we couldn’t find any information about a warranty during our research. Because this equipment is so expensive, we would expect the company to provide a guarantee. Many similar home security providers we’ve reviewed give a lifetime warranty on their equipment.

EMC Home Security Reviews

We researched EMC and compared their technology to other equipment we’ve tested in the past. During our research, we paid close attention to what users said about the service. Specifically, we looked at what they had to say about the companies technicians and their customer service. We conclude that they are a good  security provider, but there are better options that we will discuss below.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating

EMC Security has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2011. The company has an A+ rating with no reviews and three complaints. All of the complaints on the website have been resolved by the company (1).

Yelp and Trust Pilot Rating

The company has thirty-two reviews on Yelp with a total rating of three stars. The average individual reviewer rating is four stars (2). Meanwhile, they have a rating of 3.2 stars on the Trust Pilot website. They have only one review, which gave the company one star out of five (3).

Google Customer Reviews

The home security company has an average rating of 4.5 stars on Google Reviews. A total of 261 people have left reviews with the average person giving them a five-star rating.

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FAQs - EMC Security

What is EMC security?

EMC Security is a Suwanee, GA based home security company that provides monitoring services for residents of Georgia. They are owned in equal parts by the electric companies Jackson EMC Security, Walton EMC Security, and GreyStone Power. They have multiple monitoring station areas throughout the state.

How much does an EMC security system cost?

EMC security systems cost $16.95 per month for monthly monitoring. Extra fees may apply for installation services and other service fees. Costs will also vary based on whether you have your system or if you purchase a system from EMC Suwanee.

What is the EMC phone number?

The EMC phone number is 770-963-0305. Their technical support hours are between 8 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday.

Our Verdict on EMC Security

After thoroughly looking through the EMC Security reviews, and comparing their equipment to similar providers, we think they are a good company. But, because they are only in the state of Georgia, they are quite limited. We recommend Simplisafe as a better alternative. Simplisafe offers a reliable monitoring system with no-contract service.

You can completely customize your security system, and since you are buying everything outright, don’t need to pay exorbitant prices to lease the equipment. They have consistently low monthly fees that beat many of the other companies we’ve reviewed. If you’re looking for a low-cost no-contract security provider that can move with you, check out Simplisafe.


Our #1 Recommendation

  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns
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