From preventing burglaries to accessing your home remotely, the benefits of a home security system are obvious.

Many security companies claim to provide good security packages, but we only want the best.

Let's see what Vector Security has to offer.

However, we don't want to rely on random Vector Security reviews, so we decided to do our own.

What Is Vector Security?

Vector Security is similar to many other United States home security companies we’ve reviewed, such as Smith Thompson. They offer basic home security system packages with professional installation and monthly monitoring services.

The company operates on the east coast and requires you to sign a 3-year contract. If you ever move, you will be on the hook for paying the remaining balance on your contract. Vector Security is the parent company of ADS Security, which offers similar services.

  • Professional installation and monitoring
  • Modern home security systems
  • User-friendly cell phone security app
  • Smart home security packages
  • Long contract length
  • Limited area of service
  • Expensive termination fee
  • Complaints about customer service

Vector Security’s False Alarm Protocol

kitchen and vector app

Vector Security’s false alarm protocol is a 12-point system the company has in place to help identify false alarms and keep them from ever reaching emergency services. This avoids wasting resources and can also help you save on false alarm fines.

Pricing & Costs

Vector Security charges less fees as compared to other security system providers. They don’t have any upfront costs, such as equipment or installation fees. They do, however, charge around $40 for monthly 24/7 monitoring.

Contract & Cancellation Policy

Customers are required to sign a 36-month contract, similar to companies like Protect America. To cancel your contract with Vector, you will be required to pay the entire balance that you owe. This is significantly more expensive as compared to the 20% fee charged by other home security companies.

Home Automation

Vector Home Security has joined the industry push to help create smart homes. This includes providing equipment for home automation that can all be monitored and controlled from one simple app. Their home automation equipment includes:

Equipment & Packages

You can select from three different packages: essential security, home automation, and connected home. Each of these packages offers various equipment and features.

Essential Security:

  • Wireless Control Panel
  • 3 Door/Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • SecurityCare Plus
  • Yard sign and window decals
  • Professional Installation
  • Professional Monitoring

Home Package: Everything from essential plus

  • 1 Appliance/Lamp Module
  • Mobile Solutions
  • 1 Indoor Security Camera

Connected Home: Everything from essential plus:

  • 1 Door Lock
  • 1 Thermostat

Vector Service Areas

Vector Security does not cover the entire US. Make sure you live within their area of coverage before signing up. States they work in include:

Alabama Kentucky New Jersey Tennessee
Connecticut Louisiana New York Texas
Delaware Maryland North Carolina Virginia
Florida Massachusetts Ohio West Virginia
Georgia Mississippi Pennsylvania -
Indiana New Hampshire South Carolina -

Security Cameras

Vector Home Security provides live video monitoring through its mobile app. You can choose from indoor cameras and outdoor cameras for complete video surveillance. Some of the equipment costs extra depending on which package you initially select.

Vector Alarm & Monitoring

The alarm company offers professional monitoring similar to every other major home security company. You will need to pay monthly monitoring fees for this. They monitor your alarm system using the phone lines and would call back in the event your system goes off. If no one answers their phone calls, they place a call to the appropriate emergency provider.

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Mobile App

The Vector Security app allows you to monitor your security equipment. We highly recommend you use this app in conjunction with their equipment and other smart home devices such as the Amazon Echo. You can access everything from using your Vector Security login.

Vector Security Customer Reviews

After spending considerable time researching Vector Security reviews, we believe they provide okay customer support. They have modern equipment comparable to similar companies we’ve reviewed, such as AMP Smart and provide reliable monitoring.


The company has an A+ review rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since 2012. Based on review, they have an average rating of three out of five stars and five total complaints. Four out of five of which have been answered with one listed as resolved (1).

Trust Pilot

From 506 users, Vector received an average of 3.2-star rating review out of five stars on Trust Pilot. 57% of customer reviews have given the site a rating of excellent and 14% a rating of bad.

“Timely, courteous service. Immediate return for a problem that developed following routine service.”

- Robert, Verified Trust Pilot Reviewer (2)

Consumer Affairs

ratings on tablet

The security company has over 2,900 ratings submitted to the Consumer Affairs website. It also received an average of almost five stars. (3).

Vector Security Alarm Complaints

Of their five total complaints on the BBB website, four of them are for issues with the product review or customer rating. This is consistent with the low ratings from customers on sites like Trust Pilot and consumer affairs.

“It is extremely difficult to cancel the service. After 4 years of service, they increased their monthly charge, so I decided to cancel.”

- Verified Complaint on BBB Website (4)

Is Vector Security Any Good?

Vector Security is good if you don’t mind signing a contract for three years and if you live in their specific area of coverage. They have up-to-date equipment, and they charge less fees as compared to their competitors.

We've read Vector Security reviews showing complaints about customer service and business practices, but we find the company an adequate security provider.

We think there are better options, though. SimpliSafe offers an alternative to standard providers. It lets you stay away from lengthy contracts and lets you customize your system. They also have some of the lowest monthly monitoring rates in the industry and work throughout the US.


Our #1 Recommendation

  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns
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